CPR Manual – grade 10’s

Grade 10’s, here is the link to your on-line CPR manual: CPR Manual

You only study Part A (up to and including Part 5-choking).

In this course you will be learning:

Safety – to ensure that no further harm comes to you or to anyone else,

The Emergency Response Plan – to manage any situation,

CPR – for patients with no breathing,

How to Recognize Heart attacks and Strokes – to get someone to the hospital before CPR is necessary, and

Treatment for Choking – to clear the airway of a person who can’t breathe.

When to use this:

 Level A Course (Adults):   The skills you will be learning on this course are for patients eight or older.  Children and infants require different first aid techniques.

Welcome back to JO Physical & Health Education

Welcome returning and new students to John Oliver Secondary! This is the front page of the PE Website.

Anything and everything regarding Physical & Health Education at JO can be found on this site and/or your teacher’s blog page.

A reminder that during the first couple of weeks of school you will want to:

  1. Have appropriate PE Clothing/gym strip which you CHANGE into before class (t-shirt, shorts or sweat pants and running shoes). We encourage you to join the JO community and purchase a JO issued top (Cheques payable to John Oliver Secondary). Clothing is available through your individual PE teacher.
  2. Have a secure lock for the changing room to lock your belongings during PE class. This is a MUST as theft from the lockers can happen and has happened in the past. You may purchase a $9 lock from your PE teacher.
  3. Have downloaded a copy of the course outline and curriculum schedule for your own personal information. (Have a binder dedicated to PE). Outlines and curriculum are posted above (in the pages sections).
  4. Have visited the PE Website as well as your Teacher’s Blog (where applicable).

We are looking forward to a great year!

Mr. Aprim (Dept Head), Ms. Haysom, Ms. Matheson, Mr. Ambrose (South Gym Office)

Mr. Jabillo (Mr. Hoffmann), Mr. Johnson, Mr. Murthi, Mr. Lee (Main Gym)