Snow tubing field trip info – Feb. 15th and 22nd

Below is the information for the JOPE Grade 9’s (Feb. 15th) and Grade 8’s (February 22) who are attending the Winter Field Trip at Cypress Mountain (tubing):

Itinerary:  busses arrive and we are leaving JO at 8:15am!!! Do not be late!

Activities: 10:00 – 1:20 activities (tubing and lunch). 1:30 pm leave Cypress Mnt.

Please check the weather report (604-419-7669) or via the website for conditions up Cypress the night berfore so you can prepare accordingly.

CLOTHING: Warm winter clothing (layers are great) and waterproof jackets and footwear are important. This means wearing a toque, waterproof gloves or mitts, snow pants and winter boots. If you don’t have these, then rain boots with warm socks and a rain jacket and pants with warm layers underneath will work.

LUNCH/FOOD: There is a snack shack up there, but the prices are inflated and the line-ups can be too. We recommend packing your own lunch. There is a warming hut with tables for anyone to eat their lunch.  We won’t be able to leave anything on the bus, so pack lightly in a backpack you can place with other packs in the snow. We recommend you bring an extra shirt, pants and socks to wear on the bus ride down the mountain.

Don’t forget water in a water bottle.