Leadership 12

Senior Leaders,

Welcome to the Leadership 12 course!  A year of exploration and endless posibilties as we strive to make you more effective, visible and impactful leaders in the classroom, the school and the greater JO community.  Taking the simple question of What is leadership, we will learn concepts and theories around leadership while finding multiple opportunities to apply our knowledge and skills to various endeavours–personal as well as collective endeavours.

This course requires students to have good time management, organization and the ability to be independent learners/leaders.

Below is a link for the course outline (expectations, course curriculum, assessment, etc) for your records.

Here’s to a successful year.


JOPE Leadership Course Outline2017



JOPE PARTICIPATION SCALE:  How you participate, your attitude and leadership in PE Class

JOPE PERFORMANCE SCALE:  How hard you work–your rigor and performance in PE Class

JOPE COGNITIVE SCALEHow you apply the theories and concepts learned in a PE activity

JOPE UNIT EVALUATION:  An overall evaluation within a particular unit (Student, Peer, Teacher Evaluation)

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