PE 11/12

Grade 11 & 12’s (Senior Jokers)

Welcome to John Oliver and Physical Education at the Senior Level–an ELECTIVE course and your choice to be in a program where you ACCEPT THE EXPECTATIONS OF FIELD TRIPS, SERVICE HOURS and LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES that come with a Senior PE program.

Grade 12’s who are looking to pursue post-secondary training and/or a career in the area of Teaching, Coaching, Fitness and Exercise Science are eligible for a DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP.  See your PE Teacher for more information at the start of Term 3.

SERVICE HOURS–are a mandatory component to PE 11/12 (ministry guidelines).  Students who fail to complete service hours are in jeopardy of failing the course–Receive an ‘I’ as a letter grade.

Please see the LINKS BELOW to assist you with your service hour experiences.  Information regarding service opportunities within JO and the community will be posted on the Service Hours/Volunteer tab of this website.  Also, be sure to visit the Service Hours/Volunteer tab of this website for most recent volunteer opportunites as well as any forms associated with service hours.

The 2015/2016 Course Outlines: JOPE 11-12 Course-Outlines-2015

JOPE PARTICIPATION SCALE:  How you participate, your attitude and leadership in PE Class

JOPE PERFORMANCE SCALE:  How hard you work–your rigor and performance in PE Class

JOPE COGNITIVE SCALEHow you apply the theories and concepts learned in a PE activity


Service Hours/Volunteer Forms:

JOPE Volunteer–Service Plan: Your proposal plan for your upcoming Service Hours

JOPE–Service Hours Record Sheet:  Sheet to record your service hours to submit in June to your PE teacher

JOPE–Service Hours Rubric: How you will be MARKED on your Service Hours

JOPE Community Service Package: Additional documents to assist you with community volunteer experiences



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