PE Fees–Field Trips & Clothing


A complete PE program requires students to participate and experience extra-curricular and enriching field trip opportunities and experiences that could range from swimming, ice skating, rock climbing, kayaking, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, golf, yoga, zumba and much, much more.  Goal of our field trips are to provide students with opportunities to explore, engage and gain an appreciation for physical activity as we aim to create students who value and participate in daily physical activities.

Below is a breakdown of field trip costs:  (This page will be updated throughout the year when field trips are confirmed and booked).

Field Trip Costs:

PE 8-12 Field Trip Activity Fees TBA

Fitness 11/12 Field Trip Activity Fees TBA

PE Leadership Field Trip Activity Fees TBA

PE Locks:

The PE Department wants to ensure all student valuables are safe and secure while participating in PE class. To ensure that this goal can be reached, students are EXPECTED to have a second lock–one specifically for PE class. PE Lockers are available for students and only for class use–during their PE block only.

The PE Department does not take responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property. Students are asked to secure valuable in a locker with a PE lock.

PE lock for lockers $9

JOPE Clothing:

The JOPE Department requests all students change into clothing specific to their PE class.  The “gym strip” allows for proper hygiene (students are changing into clean and appropriate PE attire) and safety (no buttons, zippers, pockets, no shoes without laces).

JOPE Clothing (t-shirts and shorts) can be purchased from your individual PE teacher and helps instill a sense of school pride and community. Please see your teacher for more info. The department accepts cash or cheques. Cheques made payable to John Oliver Secondary.  Cheques should include the student’s name and student number.



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