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Science 9 topics:

Students will know and understand the following concepts and content

the impact of micro-organisms in their body

  • viruses and bacteria
  • microbiomes
  • basic functions of the immune system
  • vaccination
  • antibiotics

the fundamental forces

  • gravitation
  • electromagnetism
  • weak nuclear force
  • strong nuclear force

the interactions between the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere


Math 9 Topics

Students will know and understand the following concepts and content.

numerical and spatial reasoning, logic, and patterns to solve puzzles and games


personal budgets

factors, prime factors, and numerical radicals

rational and irrational

multiplication and division of decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, and integers

two-variable linear relations, including graphs, rates of change, functions, and relations

operations with polynomials, of degree less than or equal to two

one and two-step equations with rational coefficients and solutions

multi-step one-variable linear equations and inequalities

equations involving distribution

surface area and volume of composite solids

volume of prisms, pyramids, cones, and spheres

primary trigonometric ratios

Pythagorean theorem

scale diagrams of 2D shapes

data collection, display, and analysis, including population and sample data

probability in society


Potential Projects


Destination Imagination?

Skills Canada

Auto Diagnostics – Repair

Mars Rover

MouseTrap Car



Energy -Solar,Wind,Pedal Power

Wing and Propeller design – same engine and body

Sumo Bots


Motorized Chairs

Locks and Safes

Build a computer – Repair computer?

Competitions – Google

Survivor Challenges