DPAC Goodies from Suzanne Smythe, our DPAC Rep

Lots going on in DPAC, the District PAC, that’s working to keep us all informed of school sizes, seismic upgrades, government promises, changes in teaching/schools/legislation, lives!

Please read and stay informed!

Thanks to JO Parent Suzanne Smythe who goes to a bunch of DPAC meetings and reports back. Suzanne has been a volunteer with John Oliver PAC for several years.

If you’re like more information on things, please email the JO PAC!

You’re welcome anytime to any meeting. Watch this site for the JO PAC (parents advisory committee) meetings and look up Vancouver DPAC if you’re interested in what they’re doing!


Lara (Communications/JO PAC)

Suzanne’s May 2018 DPAC Report

Where is JO in the Long Range Facility Plans?

Four years ago, we were in the planning stages of a new school and now we are not listed at all in the plans for new seismic upgrades. Would the PAC like to me inquire of our status?

The 2017-2018 budget is still under discussion. The attached slides are the latest budget presentation. Proposals as I understand it involve cuts to school counsellors and non-enrolling teachers. It would be good to ask Damian exactly how proposed cuts would effect John Oliver. Attached is an article by Tracy Sherlock that does a good job outlining what has improved and what continues to perpetuate inequalities in terms of class size and composition following the Supreme Court ruling.

Parents can continue to email concerns to trustees until final tabling of the budget on June 25.  budget2018-2019@vsb.bc.ca

Gaming Grants: What Our Treasurer Can Spend Lottery Grant ($20 per kid per year if we apply – thanks Tracy S for applying each summer!) Money On

As our liaison to DPAC Anne Montgomery passed on information these. There has been some auditing and clearing up of grey areas on the part of the gaming commission. She reminds us that: “Musical instruments, tablets, sports equipment and even auditorium lighting and sound systems are all things that, if used at any point in a regular class as part of the curriculum, are not to be paid for with gaming money.”

She acknowledges there are grey areas and if in doubt PACs should call the gaming outreach coordinator Mike Simpson, if in doubt.

Dates of Interest to Parents:

JO PAC Meeting – April 18, 2018


Sheril Gelmon (Co-Chair), Lara Spence (Communications/Social Media), Wendy Sinclair (Co-Secretary), Cynthia Corales, Chris Lee, Shareen S. (Teacher), Claudia Luna, Kanwal & Manjinder Deol, Damian Wilmann (Principal), Jack Bailey (Vice-Principal), Lana Wong, Azar Kherramshahi, Annie Tso, N. & R. Minhas, Rachell & Mive Woods, Paul Thandi, Kathryn Zdriluk, Kumar Rengaraj, Delita Basilio, and Raquel Lona.

Sheril approved the minutes from the February 21st meeting, and Lara seconded it.

  1. Chris Lee – Shop Teacher

Chris Lee spoke and gave a slide presentation. Chris has been at JO since 2006. He spoke about: Shop Tech Studies (ADST), Applied Technology and Skills Technology, and STEM (Science Tech Eng & Math). STEM has only been around for a few years. This past year students competed in a provincial competition and 3 JO students won awards. Next year there will be a national competition.

Chris’s slides included an introduction and photos of all the teachers in the tech studies programs. He described at length what incredible facilities JO has for Auto, Woodshop, Metal work, etc. His slides showed these areas of the school.

He listed some future technical studies goals for next year.

  1. Damian Wilmann – Principal

Damian Wilmann has worked in the VSB system since 1989. He was previously the JO VP and has moved up to Principal recently. He began by saying that JO is a school of innovation and that he is very happy to be a part of it.

He also introduced VP Jack Bailey who has come out of retirement to work at JO until the end of the school year.

Damian said the ELL class (for students in the district who have not been assigned to a school, but who need to attend classes) teacher is Janet Eviston.

Calendar planning for the 2018/2019 school year is underway. New to the VSB curriculum is a numeracy exam and next year there will be a literacy exam.

  • New English courses planned
  • District Budget planning was that night
  • June 21st is an awards ceremony
  • Three notable dates for Grads: May 9th/June5th/June 22nd
  • School Growth Plan

Jack Bailey said that he is very happy to be working at JO for the next three months. He echoed the words of Mr. Lee and Damian that there is an excellent staff at JO and a lot of exciting things happening.

  1. Dry Grad – May 9

Shareen S. spoke about the dry grad event and that she needs parent volunteers to chaperone – especially parents who do not have a student in grade 12. It will be from 5:00 to 9:30.

  1. Auditorium (Lighting, Sound)

Voting took place for the legacy fund to be used for lighting in the auditorium. After 2-3 questions the vote was obviously unanimous for a yes for the funds to be used.

  1. Teacher’s Lunch – Thurs. May 17

Volunteers to help or to bring food (drop off in Staff Room on 2nd floor by 11:15 am) are needed. Email pac_jo@vsb.bc.ca if you can help!

  1. Fundraising

The bingo event was a success and a lot of fun. It was a good school bonding event. $130 went to the PAC and $500 to the Mini School.

Gift cards from Funscript are available for sale on line. They are easy to buy and can really help out the PAC. So far only $21 has been raised.

The meeting was adjourned. The final PAC meeting of the year to be held Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Library.

To stay in touch and help learn about/share the happenings at John Oliver, please:

‘Like’ John Oliver on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/john.oliver.secondary/)
Follow on Twitter (@jo school)
Read the John Oliver PAC blog (John Oliver PAC blog (http://jo-online.vsb.bc.ca/pac)
(if in Mini) ask to join Mini School parents
Join FB(https://www.facebook.com/groups/620874101402791/)


VSB Budget Meetings – Being Aware – Tues April 24

Thought you might want to be aware that the VSB (Vancouver School Board) budget is being worked on. Our DPAC liaison, Suzanne Smythe, JO parent, is attending the April 24 special open meeting.

Take the Survey (posted by VSB) to say what’s important to you>>

There are other meetings coming up. See PAN’s summary here>> (Parent Action Network)

We know it’s hard to take all this information in, but taking a few minutes to be aware of what’s happening is important.

Provincial Funding Changes – also in the works – more reading!

The provincial government is also doing a funding model review that everyone should be aware of. VSB, above, is at the school board level. This funding model review is something different – also worthy of your attention/reading time – but at provincial level. The outcome of the provincial funding review (happening now by an already-designated committee which looks pretty good) will affect how VSB budgets this time next year, and the actual funding / change will be felt (we hope for the better!) starting the 2019/2020 school year. The movement is away from the (put in place 2002, and everyone feels is not the best) “per student” funding model (somewhat inflexible, has a lot of auditing and paper work and student-designation-writing – yet less time for actual student resource providing!) to a “per program” model.  Parents should learn a little bit about this so we can respond appropriately when asked in less than a year if we have ideas or concerns.

PAN always has good stuff to read – on the VSB budget and the provincial changes. Scroll down on home page >> 

JO Meeting April 18 2018 Agenda

Here’s the planned agenda:

  1. Introductions – Round table – everyone says who they are and what grade their kid(s) are in.
  2. Review / approve Feb 21 meeting minutes (read before the meeting please!)
  3. New Principal & Vice Principal Introductions and Principal’s Report – Mr. Wilmann / Mr. Bailey
  4. Teacher Rep Report
  5. Mr. Chris Lee – Red Seal/Apprenticeship Programs at JO
  6. Financials update
  7. Auditorium needs/funding – review attached quote for lighting
  8. Teacher lunch planning – confirm date and needs (volunteers + notices sent out (email, social) to get dishes of food dropped off or $
  9. Fundraising (Bingo proceeds, other – gift cards – they are ongoing!)
  10. DPAC update – Suzanne Smythe – will be sending report.
  11. Other business?
  12. Next Meeting May 16 (last meeting!) – June will be a social!

JO PAC Meeting – Feb. 21, 2018 – Minutes

Present:    Sheril Gelmon, Ramandeep Kaurminhas – Co-Chairs, Lara Spence – Communications/Social Media, Jo-Ann Gordon, Wendy Sinclair – Co-Secretaries, Tracey Santos – Treasurer, Lindsay Reynolds – Vice-Principal, Eric Tsang (JO Music director), Jeff Spence (teacher), Nancy Paleiko (JO Staff-PAC liaison and teacher), Tanya Findlater (Little Mountain Neighbourhood House) and Marty Dolan (retired VSB teacher), and 9 parents.

The meeting began at 7:00 pm with Sheril reading out the agenda. Approval of minutes from January 17, 2018 meeting by Tracey Santos and seconded by Wendy Sinclair. Sukhminder Guru has stepped down from being Co-Chair.

  1. 2018 Mid-Main MultiFest May 25: (Tanya Findlater and Marty Dolan)

Youth-led multi-fest of emerging artists (music, art, dance, edibles) held at a venue in East Van; open to Tupper and JO students and other youth in Vancouver. There are four Youth Councils who have been given roles. Parents and teachers are needed to help coordinate and coach the youth in all areas (committees, finances, event planning, performers). Grants can be applied for by the youth, as well as by the City of Vancouver for a Community Service Event. Tanya and Marty to send a list of what help is needed. MultiFest will take place on Friday, May 25th from 3-7 pm. You can email Marty at splendid@shaw.ca

  1. Music at JO: (Eric Tsang)

Music courses (within the school day timetable) offered at JO include Band (Beginner to Senior), Guitar, Drumline and Junior and Senior Choirs. Everyone is welcome to take a music course, even with no experience. Auditions are held for the new R&B Band, 24 Carrots.

Mr. Tsang covered 20 reasons how music benefits students:

  • develops language and reasoning
  • mastery of memorization
  • improves their work
  • increased eye-hand coordination
  • sense of achievement
  • stay engaged in school
  • success in society
  • emotional development
  • learn pattern recognition
  • better academic scores
  • fine tuned auditory skills
  • builds imagination and intellectual curiosity
  • music can be relaxing
  • learning an instrument teaches discipline
  • prepares for creative economy
  • develops creative thinking
  • develops spatial intelligence
  • learn teamwork
  • responsible risk-taking
  • builds self-confidence
  1. Principal’s report: (Lindsay Reynolds VP for Pedro da Silva)
  • mid-year Experience Week happened at the end of January; theme was COURAGE; well received by all grades. Other schools are asking about how JO organized the week as it is unique within the district?
  • Film Fest – March 14th – Reel Canada comes to school to show independent films. Students see one film in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  • Two JO students attended the “Conversations with Michelle Obama“.
  • Life Skills paintings on “Art of Belonging” (a program funded partially by ArtStarts and JO PAC) were on display in the library.
  • March 8th – report cards go home.
  1. Auditorium: (Jeff Spence)

The lighting and technical aspects of the auditorium (lights, microphones, cables, etc.) mostly date back to 1960. There are many limitations in using the space – teachers do not have access to changing light bulbs; spotlight is too loud (fan noise); squeaky seats; bad acoustics.

Jeff will have an outside consultant come and give an idea on how to change the sound and lighting. Thinking towards portable lighting, with remote control and cyc at the back of the stage (backdrop to shine lights or images onto), as well as sound baffles, and upgrading speakers.

To kick off the upgrades, one of the lighting companies donated $500. Wondering if some of the JO PAC Legacy Fund can be used as it is money to go towards a new auditorium in a new John Oliver School? Perhaps a request can be put in to the VSB Budget for next year, to fund some of the upgrades (deadline is March/April) as money from rental of the auditorium goes to VSB? Anne Montgomery (Past PAC Chair) and Suzanne Smythe (DPAC Rep) to be contacted about this.

  1. Family Bingo Night – Thurs. March 1st: (Lara Spence, Sheril Gelmon)

All families are invited to this JO fundraiser and fun family Bingo Night Thurs. March 1st from 7-8:45 pm. If able to help with set up, please come to the Cafeteria at 6:35 pm. Donations of food (dessert, drinks, snacks) and prizes are welcome. Clean-up help needed at 8:45 pm. $10 for 2 cards, snacks and beverages. Email lara@laraspence.com with questions or to volunteer.

  1. Treasurer’s report: (Tracey Santos)

After giving $7,000 to Athletics, there is about $4,000 remaining in the Gaming Account.

Tracey moved to support John Silver’s request for $300 for 3 microwaves for the cafeteria. This would allow students to heat up their lunches. Motion was passed.

  1. Fundraising: (Sheri Wiwchar, Lara Spence)

Purdy’s Chocolates – Tracey has still not received the $250 Purdy’s cheque from Christmas fundraising. Sheri is following up on it.

  1. JO Staff/PAC liaison: (Nancy Paleiko)

Budget of VSB – put in requests for next year as the deadline is March/April. Parents are encouraged to go to board meetings.

BCTF wishlist = Priorities for Public Education


  1. Teens Quest Course: (Sheril Gelmon)

Lara to send an email to JO counsellors and teachers to pass on information about this short course for teenagers. It is based on Gordon Neufeld’s work and is being offered by Rebecca Janke.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Library.

To stay in touch and help learn about/share the happenings at John Oliver, please:


JO PAC Meet Feb 21 2018

Join John Oliver parents, Principal Pedro da Silva, and John Oliver Music Director Mr. Eric Tsang on Wednesday, February, 2018 at 7pm in the John Oliver Learning Commons.


  • Tanya Findlater of Little Mountain Neighbourhood House and Marty Dolan, retired VSB teacher – special guests – will discuss 2018 Mid-Main MultiFest May 25 will present on this student-talent festival (JO students invited as they are expanding the scope – Friday, May.25th, 3-7pm, youth-driven, youth-led activities, platform for emerging artists from local schools, & community to showcase talents)
  • Mr. Eric Tsang – guest speaker –  Music at JO, outlining choir, bands, drum line, guitar, and the new R+B horn band. Find out how your child can be involved this year and years to come.
  • Vice Principal Lindsay Reynolds – school news, athletic updates, and more.
  • Jeff Spence – request for PAC Funds
  • Lara Spence/Sheril Gelmon – Family Bingo Thursday March 1 – seeing who’s coming; who can bring dessert, snacks, drinks; who can bring/get prizes in next 8 days; who will be there on the night, which 6 kids will help set up w Lara + Sheril (6:35pm) and other 6 help clean up (hoping Ramandeep + Sheri or Jennifer can help supervise (8:45-9:10pm – let us know! lara@laraspence.com)
  • Tracey Santos (PAC treasurer) – PAC Accounts update
  • Suzanne Smythe (PAC DPAC rep) – District PAC update – seismic, gov’t budget, etc.
  • Other business? Parents welcome to ask questions!

JO Family Bingo Thurs March 1 $10

All community members, students, families, staff and alumni are invited to a fun BINGO night! Will be held in the John Oliver Secondary cafeteria. $10 gets you 2 cards, snacks and beverages! $2/card after that. All ages welcome!! We held this event last year and it was a big hit! Invite fellow students, neighbours, family!

We would love all families to come or at least buy one ticket.

Organized by JO PAC Parents + JO Mini Parents (shared proceeds)

Please pre-purchase tickets by leaving cash with Mr. Spence (STEM Shop) with your name + student’s name (indicate if Mini) + parent email on the envelope. Tickets will be held at the door for you. Or you can buy tickets at the door!

Please contact PAC parent Lara Spence (lara@laraspence.com) if you have items to donate for prizes (kids, teen, adults attending – anything fun/nice) and/or if you can bring cookies / TimBits / sharable snacks / drinks on the night.  Contact Lara if you have questions.

Businesses can donate prizes and be recognized through email, posters + social media.

Thank you!

JO PAC Executive (Sheril, Ramandeep, Sukhiminder, Tracey, Jo-Ann, Lara, Jennifer, Sheri)

JO PAC Meeting – Jan. 17, 2018

Attendance: Sheril Gelmon, Ramandeep Kaurminhas – Co-Chairs, Lara Spence – Communications/ Social Media, Darnelle Moore (as Secretary), Sheri Wiwchar, Jennifer West – Co-Fundraising Coordinators, Suzanne Smythe – DPAC Liaison, Pedro da Silva – Principal, Nancy Paleiko (JO Staff PAC Liaison), and 13 parents.

Meeting Called to Order at 7:00 pm. Approval of minutes from November 22, 2017 meeting by Lara and seconded by Sheril. Passed.

1. STEM = Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

  • Jeff Spence explained STEM program as it exists at JO
  • Only 2 programs like it in VSB High Schools (other at Templeton)
  • Primarily for Gr 9, 10 students (one class will exist for gr 11/12 combined). 24 spots for each grade (24 total in the combined STEM 11/12) allowed in “shop” class due to safety concerns.
  • Students apply for program during Experience Week – there is a Student Open House during Experience Week (early Feb) where prospective students can find out more about the program and teachers can see if the students would be a good fit.
  • Program is geared towards students who learn best through hands on experience. Different than learning in typical classroom with textbooks, etc.
  • In Grade 9/10, it is a “Full” Day 1 program, meaning they do STEM all day (half with Mr. Spence, half with Mr. Silver) and then on Day 2, take English, PE, Language, Socials.
  • Academic credit granted for typical classes – eg. students will get a mark for Math 9, Science 9, Engineering 9, Metalwork 9, or similar. Same for Grade 10. Grade 11/12 also get BC Curriculum course credits on report card/school record (eg. Math 11, whatever shop 11 is most appropriate, Physics 11) so there is no disadvantage in taking STEM for those applying to post secondary.
  • STEM is a special opportunity, well suited to JO as not many schools have the shop resources.
  • It is separate from Digital Immersion Mini; one cannot take STEM and Mini. It may be possible to take some grade 11/12 courses in the STEM format if a Mini student has room in schedule.
  • Contact Jeff Spence jspence@vsb.bc.ca with questions.

2. Pedro da Silva (Principal’s Report)

JO received a VSB learning grant for $34,000

  • Allocated as follows (approx.)

$9,000         Music & Drama
$2,510         Special Needs programs
$5,900         Science programs
$1,900         Home Economics
$15,000       Mobile Laptop cart (30 laptops accessible to all students through teacher sign up

New Curriculum Idea on Implementation

  • To encourage students to take more classes and get excited about their area of study (as it applies to career), JO staff are proposing a “Certificate Program” to inspire and direct students to take as wide a variety of courses as possible to keep options open for future and learn new things.
  • For example certificate would include core academic subjects for graduation, plus 4 subjects geared towards student-specific interest, plus 1 subject from a selection of courses to balance the education.

Upcoming Dates

  • Elementary visits (JO students out to feeder schools) Jan 15th – Jan 26th
  • Pro D Jan 29th
  • Mid Year Experience Week for all students Jan 30th – Feb 2nd
  • School Dance Feb 8th
  • Grade 7 visit to JO Feb 15th
  • Pro D Feb 19th
  1. Request for Funds from Athletics

Pat Lee (Director of Athletics)

  • Requested $7,000 from the BC Lotteries funds
  • Money will go towards uniforms, new equipment, BC School Athletics funds
  • Athletics involves approximately 30% of the school population (athletes, managers, coaches, photographers)
  • Athletics is not just about the sports itself, also about leadership, and experiences
  • Other sources of money to Athletics program come from individual team fundraising (poinsettias, Jokers Classic (basketball tournament), student athlete fees of $50/yr for as many sports as like
  • Trying to keep cost low for individual students so as many as possible can participate
  • JO has lots of volunteer coaches to help keep quality programs running
  1. Nancy Paleiko (JO Staff/PAC Liaison) Giving teacher perspective on District happenings
  • New teacher Suzanne Hoffman
  • Talked about issues of lack of teachers available to fill vacant rolls in BC.
  1. Suzanne Smythe (DPAC Liaison)
  • Tech committee being formed to address wireless access in all the schools, redesign of network needed
  • How will tech integration at schools look in the future? Looks like gearing towards BYOD (bring your own device). Equity issues/concerns are raised with this model.
  • Seismic Upgrading – Official DPAC position is SPEED is of the utmost importance, followed by FUNCTION and then FORM. Questions about usability arising from this position.
  • Special Needs Services consultations going on now. Moberly/Van Tech Jan 25th, email ddwong@vsb.bc.ca if attending.
  • DPAC discussed drug Issues in schools. Should all schools have Naloxone Kits and Training available? Bring questions and concerns to Suzanne Smythe so she can bring them forth to DPAC.
  1. Other PAC Reports

Tracey Santos (PAC Treasurer)

  • There is money to spend! $11K in the Gaming account after we pay for scholarships ($2,500) and Dry Grad ($3,000). The Gaming account can only be spent on certain things.
  • There is $6,605 in the JO PAC Consultative Committee account. We will need some of that for annual Staff Appreciation lunch.
  • Tracey moved to support Athletics the full $7,000 request. Motion passed.
  • The JO PAC Legacy fund (for a project TBD in years coming) has balance of $15,942.14

Sheri Wiwchar (PAC Fundraising co-Chair)

  • Our 1st Purdy’s chocolate fundraiser (Nov 2017) was successful, raising $250.
  • Keep buying gift cards through the PAC / Mini Fundscrip gift card program, use the bank “online bill payment” rather than your cc to maximize the kick back to our PAC. Ask Lara for help if you need lara@laraspence.com or 604-828-4249.

Lara Spence (PAC Communications)

  • Family Bingo night – community event for all Thursday, March 1st stay tuned for more info. Tracey Santos to apply for the Gaming permit for the night.
  • Screenagers – excellent documentary, worth watching with your teen/tween – homework success tips, ‘good family habits’ especially if you’re struggling with how/when screens are used (and max time) in your home, read: http://bit.ly/2GeaDtz. Thank you to Tupper PAC for bringing in this movie (it wasn’t free to show).

Sheril Gelmon (PAC Co-Chair)

  • Contact Sheril if interested in having your teen attend The Quest Course for Teens as presented at the last PAC meeting sherilgelmon@gmail.com

Meeting Adjourned. Next PAC meeting Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Library.




PAC Meeting Jan 17 2018

Join John Oliver parents, Principal Pedro da Silva, and John Oliver STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) teacher Jeff Spence on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7pm in the John Oliver Learning Commons.


  • Jeff Spence (JO Teacher) – STEM at JO (only offered at one other school in Vancouver!), why it matters, what it is (grades 9,10, 11 one class each), how to apply, who should be part of it, who won’t thrive, how it differs from John Oliver Digital Immersion Mini
  • Principal Pedro da Silva – school news, dates for mid-year exam week (how each grade will experience things), update VBS Student Learning Grant $34,000 (one time given) – we know the teachers met to discuss how to allocate funds (instructional supplies, athletic supplies, band/instruments, etc.) – Pedro will update and discuss if we received and when monies need to be spent.
  • Suzanne Smythe (PAC DPAC rep) – District PAC update – info on what concerns the district PAC
  • Tracey Santos (PAC treasurer) – PAC Accounts update
  • Sheri Wiwchar (PAC fundraising co-chair) – Purdy’s Fundraising totals; buying gift cards (to benefit the PAC, mini and music programs) will continue throughout year
  • Lara Spence (PAC Communications) – Family Bingo Thursday March 1 – a community event, organized by Mini students
  • Sheril Gelmon (PAC Co-Chair) – Update on The Quest Course for Teens by facilitator Rebecca Janke (attended November PAC meteing)– how to sign up for interested students/parents
  • Lara Spence (PAC Communications) – update on Screenagers, which recently screened at Tupper Secondary and JO Secondary (but it wasn’t put on by us…)
  • Other business? Parents welcome to ask questions!


Quest Course – Course for Teens on Rites of Passage – Groups Forming for Early 2018

Opportunity to sign up your teen for The Quest Course, a 9 (or 7) hour course for teens (with breaks of course!) to learn about and understand the types of support they’ll need as they pass through the 6 developmental rites of passage essential for becoming healthy adults.

Adolescence is a bridge where we leave childhood on one side and venture forward to adulthood on the other side. Bridges allow us to look back at where we came from as well as forward to where the trail will lead next.

Along this journey of self-discovery there are 6 rites of passage that are essential for healthy development.  As with any adventure, each rite of passage has opportunities as well as pitfalls.

This course is a map to this incredible adventure and offers support to youth as they become equipped to step forward on their own path with confidence and a sense of purpose and meaning.

Rites of Passage We will Learn About

  1. A New Awareness: A time of self-discovery
  2. A New Way of Thinking: A time of confusion and conflict
  3. A New Way of Feeling: A time of emotional intensity
  4. A New Way of Being: A time of identity formation
  5. A New Way of Interacting: A time of journeying with others
  6. A New Purpose: A time to venture forth.

Course Leader

Rebecca Janke RSW MSW is a parent consultant and registered social worker who is a facilitator for the Neufeld Institute.  She specializes in promoting attachment within the parent-child relationship.  Learn more about Rebecca.

Two Course Options for Groups of 5-12 Teens (Gr 8+9, or Gr 10-12 advisable)

Option A: 3 x 3 hour Sessions – dates up to your group

Parent Workshop; 2.5 hours, held prior to student workshops

The parent workshop is designed to overview the Quest Course and outline the six rites of passages that adolescents are experiencing and how we can come alongside our children and support them on this journey.

3 Youth Workshops; 3 hours each

Option A includes 3 interactive and dynamic workshops for youth that introduces them to their own Quest Journey and allows them to identify the six rites of passages, how to overcome the temptations and pitfalls along the way, and how to be equipped to take up the challenge and design their own adventure.

COST: $185 per child (parent workshop included) (food + room extra if needed)* , assuming 10 kids in group. If less kids, more per child. $154 per child if 12 in the group.

* Parents responsible for managing registration + forming groups. Additional costs for food + room rental may be incurred. Parents can arrange food or Rebecca can ($50 per session (significant snack including protein, veg/fruit and carbs, including drinks).

Option B: Full Day Teen Workshop – date is up to your group

Part I: Parent Workshop; 2.5 hours, held prior to student workshops

The parent workshop is designed to overview the Quest Course and outline the six rites of passages that adolescents are experiencing and how we can come alongside our children and support them on this journey.

Part II: Full Day Youth Workshop; 9:00am – 4:00pm

Option B includes a one day interactive and dynamic workshop for youth that introduces them to their own Quest Journey and allows them to identify the six rites of passages, how to overcome the temptations and pitfalls along the way, and how to be equipped to take up the challenge and design their own adventure.

COST: $155 per child (parent workshop included) (food+room extra if needed)*, assuming 10 kids in group. If less kids, more per child. $130 per child if 12 in group.

Parents responsible for managing registration + forming groups. Additional costs for food + room rental may be incurred. Parents can arrange food or Rebecca can – the full day option = lunch and 2 smaller snacks.  Kids could brown bag it, or parents arrange. or Rebecca orders ($150 = lunch, drinks + 2 snacks).

What You Need To Do

We need to form suitable teen groups of those interested. Rebecca recommends kids being groups where they feel OK sharing, so knowing (comfortable with) some of the kids in the group is essential.

We are going to form groups via a shared Google spreadsheet. Go to the PAC Google Sheet and see if a group already listed might work for you. Or, form your own. We are sorry we don’t have everyone’s email address so we can’t do this for you. We will get the JO Office to send out a synervoice email about this but it is up to parents to create groups. Each group needs 1 parent coordinator.   If you have the link to this spreadsheet, you can edit it. The link is www.tiny.cc/questjo.

Or, comment on this post with questions.

Thanks! We hope to start a few groups in January or early February.