October 20, 2009 minutes

John Oliver Secondary School

PAC Minutes

October 20, 2009

1. Introductions – PAC provides a link between teachers and administration AND parents, gives you a chance to have input

2.  Treasurers Report – Treasurer was absent.  A full report will be available at the next meeting.  We have received $10 000 only (not $22 000) from gaming fund – covers sporting equipment, musical instruments, scholarships

3.  Mini School Report – The mini school representative was absent.  Bamfield, Ashland trips have taken place

4. Student Council Report – Students reporting include; Tanjir Dhillon, social coordinator, Sifti, grade 12 rep, Annie Gurvis, district rep

A school-wide event being held is Sock Wars, a giant sock drive.  Each grade and teachers are competing to bring in the most socks, to be donated to needy via Union Gospel Mission; goal was to collect 1200 socks – have already collected 1800 – 8 school days left; maybe we’ll get to 2000!

Students are having a Diwali celebration – sweets, bhangra

On Oct 29 there will be a Thriller themed dance, to have a fun break, $10/ticket – need to sell 230; have sold 60

Students are selling SPC student discount cards for stores around the city, $8.50, profits to school

This friday pro d day, student council meeting – planning events and fund raisers – will bring details to next meeting

5. Vice Principal and Principal ReportsMr. Sheik reported and made apologies that principal was committed elsewhere.

Involved Parents Contribute to Successful Students: Great to see such a good turn out, thank you very much for coming out – about 6 grade 8 parents; about 8 new parents from other grades and many others are here.

Information about how students succeed shows that they do best when students are connected to school and have involved parents.

JO’s Reputation is Getting Better and Better: It has been a very busy 4 or 5 weeks since school started; worked hard to get all students into the school.  Various ways students have come to the school including the fact that Churchill school was full; a family was offered to go to david thompson but preferred JO – maybe because we are closer and maybe because they heard positive things about this school.  Mr. sheik was telling someone that he’s at the school and was told that they heard it is a really good school. We believe in this school!

Encouraging your Student to Do Well – School trips take time from school work- keep encouraging them to keep up their work. Oct 29 is interim report card = will show work habits of your child – this is a good indicator where they need to be working (if you don’t see them doing homework, ask them why)

Important Dates: Oct 29 dance is halloween; no fireworks – talk to your kids about being safe at halloween

Nov 10 2pm dismissal for teacher conference; remembrance day assembly grades 8, 9 and 10 each separately and grades 8 and 12 tog, conference schedule from 3 to 5 pm and 7 to 9 pm

Mr Harapniuck’s report:

Dates and Events:

– post secondary night oct 28, will get synervoice messsages

– special breakfasts for students, santa claus may be attending

olympics at school – for elementary schools to come in, will probably be

thurs feb 18 (real olympics feb12)  grades 5, 6, 7 feeder schools ; JO students expected to be at school but no classes – physical activities, education, arts and social responsibilties – JO students will be showing leadership skills, help the kids = goal to give good experiences to all grades – convince parents to send their children to JO

hockey, torch relay, wheelchair races, giant hamster balls, rock climbing, bungee

 spelling bee, science experiments, cooking iron chef competition with judging, french vocab challenge high energy game – tape the word to the item it means – want collaborative groups and not individual losing opportunities

– arts includes dance squad, bhangra, art work, –  keep the whole day including opportunities for everyone

          – judging musicians

– social responsibility component – penny or pencil drive, posters about helping homeless/keeping people away from drugs

– activities all morning; 12/1pm awards ceremony complete with podium and medals

          – parents welcome to come help supervise!  500 to 600 elementary students

          – any advice? 

– elementary schools response? they are excited about it!  looking to identify elementary school kids feel good about themselves, win a gold medal in writing/arts/  – theme is SUCCESS – JOIN IN!

          – JO kids designing logo – showcase what we have

–  will set criteria eg gender mix, grade mix etc – feeder schools will respond — l- 5 schools – henderson, mackenzie, trudeau moberly, henderson annex – try to keep it fair, give quiet kids a chance to shine

Dry Grad– drug and alcohol counselling has given $1000 to the school in support of dry grad – fun, good activities, learning about being cautious and careful about substances.

– please share your ideas with the vps; what can you do to advise us?


January exams and special opportunities for education:

now we are 3 months away from mid year exams – last week of january, we start closing down classes and start working on exams;

mid year exams = some question value of them – tells the students we are expecting more from them – (also offers social responsibility opportunities) – do we have support for exams in January as practice before June exams?  –

At this time, the school will also have special presentations to focus on drugs, women portrayed in the media.  We need to be a school not just for book learning – citizenship is very important and we can’t get to their heads until we get to their hearts first.   We want to help them make good decisions.  Do we have your support to teach students the importance of avoiding drugs/alcohol and learning social responsibility? 100% attending support this.

PAC and parents, please communicate with the school through PAC: Are there things you’d like to advise us to do?  eg – school focuses on literacy to bring kids up to level – what else do they struggle with?  Could PAC help by encouraging discussion?

sunset olympics = do you support it?  96% of those attending support it

JO’s reputation: Word is getting out ther that JO is getting better – local and community papers.  We want to get into the newspaper more- sock wars can do that – JO has inspired other schools to do it too.  Sunset community centre is hghlighting the marvelous changes at JO

4th floor newspaper has journalism students describing what students do for the community. It is being distributed within the community (fraser, south hill, main st) and some students are submitting articles into courier too!

Community Service is important for students to engage in: The Terry Fox Run got a huge amount of money – we have kids with good hearts.  Sock wars is a good example. With winter time coming a glove and toque drive could be run.  Students can sing Christmas carols for nearby nursing homes.  The seniors love to see younger faces visiting (elementary schools do it too).  PAC could consider helping the burnt out family from Henderson.   JO is successful in food drives!  hoping to get 23,000 cans.  We are also interested in providing food hampers for families over holidays.

Thank you for attending!

The District PAC meeting will be held Thurs Oct 22.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009

Submitted by: Leah Pomerantz, Secretary

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