September 22, 2009 minutes

John Oliver Parent Advisory Committee

Minutes from September 22nd, 2009


Introduction: Rashpal Hundal calls meeting to order and welcomes everyone.

a)     Adoption of adgenda for Deptember 22nd moved by Rashpal Hundal/seconded by Ingrid Gowans

b)    B) Adoption of minutes from May 26th moved by Dipinder Brar/ seconded byJoan Soriano

Reviewed last treasurers repot awaiting new numbers not yet available

  • $3,000 bursaries
  • $3,000 dry grad
  • awaiting gaming funds

Mini-school report

  • Terry Fox Run
  • Ashland, Oregon gr. 10-12 Sept. 28 – Oct 2
  • Banfield gr. 8-9 Oct. 5-9
  • Fundraiser Entertainment books
  • Returning to the one class per grade model this year with 30 grade 8 student accepted
  • Next year to roll out tech immersion


Student Council report

  • SP cards being sold in the cafeteria to raise funds for the retreat Oct 3rd
  • Student council elections held at the end of the year (except for gr. 8 which is held at the beginning of the new year)
  • Student council looking for student imput/opinions
  • Student council raises money to pay for police presence at school dances and to further support other student clubs who do fundraising of their own


Principal’s Remards

Thank-you for a large PAC attendance.

Galileo Student lounge to be opening soon.

Irfan Sheikh  and Tomas Harapanuick (VP) gave a presentation similar to that given to all the students, which included the following…..

  • Daily bulletin on-line
  • School web site
  • Daily physical activity – cream sheet to be coming home for parent signature
  • Academic honesty
  • Positive newspaper articles about J.O.
  • Increasing school enrolment
  • Consistent improvement in student attendance
  • Atlas of child development
  • Potential for improvement based on socio-economic conditions


Sock wars – all students are encouraged to bring in new socks which will be donated to the homeless.

The legacy challenge – grade 12s to find a project they wish to support.

Electronic devises will be confiscated if used during instructional times.

All parents are encouraged to come to next months PAC meeting and bring a friend if possible.

Meeting adjorned.

Next Meeting

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