December 2, 2009 minutes

John Oliver Secondary School
PAC Minutes
December 2, 2009

1. Introductions – Rashpal called the meeting to order. ?? ??
2. Adoption of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes – Joan moved adoption of agenda 2nd by Victor; Joan moved adoption of minutes 2nd by Rohena?? ??
3. Treasurers Report – Harpreet reported – Figures are available on report.
4. Student Council Report – included in Principals report?? ??
5. Mini School Representative Report – sun peaks trip Jan 4?? ??
6. Vice Principal and/or Principal Reports –
Mr. Bondi reported on a number of items:
• Well attended Mini School Information Night in our Library (220 people)
• Nov. 30th – Sock Wars
• JO Annual Canned Food Drive kicked off on Nov. 16th;
• Peer Counsellors and Peer Tutors attended a one day workshop on Nov. 23rd;
• Grade 11 students, Annie Gurvis and Tasha Johal travelling to Ottawa to participate in “Encounters with Canada”;
• JO Cafeteria students entered the Hyatt Regency Gingerbread House Competition and were awarded 3rd prize
• The band has visited elementary schools – Trudeau, Henderson, Mackenzie, Moberly, Henderson Annex
• Grade 8 Literacy Initiative – “Decoding Texts” took place in all Math, Science and Social Studies classes;
• Grade 9 student, Hazel Mamaril, has had a story published in the December edition of Youthink Magazine.
• The 8th Annual Jokers’ Classic Basketball Tournament is underway;
• JO’s first wrestling meet of the year was today at Vancouver College
• First newspaper of the year coming out next week – online as well]
• Grade 8 breakfast and report cards December 9th
• What’s happening
• Talked about educating the heart and the mind through:
– Digital immersion – grade 8 mini is very focused on technology; our students need to be technologically literate
– Urban haiku contest
– Public art for Fraser Street showings
– School mural
– Best Buy and High tech Turn Key studio – future digital video, film festival, media journalism
The administration and teachers are committed to creating family, love and community at the school. There has been tremendous change as evidenced in things like false fire alarms – 18 in the year before Mr. Bondi came to the school; none since. Vandalism of principals’ list happened once – then kids realized they were being dishonored and this no longer occurs. Students are doing extra work and being very respectful. At the sock wars program, 800 kids listening to 4 staff (teachers don’t need to be overseeing them). It is becoming cool to be smart and get on the honor role.
The PAC website is up and will get running soon.
There were two post secondary nights – one for UBC and one mixed – 120 parents at each. Next year they may move it to day time and host a post secondary day for kids and parents.
PAC topics to think about: substance abuse, study habits, how to talk to kids, eg study habits – quiet time and place same time each day; how to package yourself for scholarship; learning how to make study notes; learning to use acronyms.
PAC communication – synervoice problems can occur so using email is helpful.
If you missed the parent teacher interviews, call the counsellor to get appointments with teachers
January exams are mid terms, experience week – last week of the month 25 to 30th. Students will practice how to write an exam through these experiences.
7. New Business??Constable Norm Neufeld was welcomed as a guest. He came to describe his work with the students of John Oliver. Police are no longer needed to maintain law and order in the hallways. Constable Neufeld is now a sounding board for students interested in speaking with him. He works 4 days a week in the schools (JO and elementary). There has been a tremendous change in the school over the four years Constable Neufeld has been here. Much positive change has come about in the years before this too. This school is not better nor worse than other schools in the VSB system from his perspective. The constable works on building relationships with the students and finds this is a positive experience. He attended the France trip with 12 excellent students. He reports that this is a safe school. Staff are proactive, addressing problems as soon as they arise and not waiting until it is too late. If you would like to speak to someone about the school in addition to the other staff onsite, please call the main switchboard and ask for Constable Norm Neufeld.
8. Good and Welfare/Announcements – none at this time
9. The meeting was adjourned at 745 pm?
Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 7:00 PM in the JO library??
Submitted by: Leah Pomerantz, PAC Secretary

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