PAC AGM Minutes: April 26th, 2011

  1. Introduction
    – Farrell Segall welcomed everyone and called meeting to order.
  2. Adoption of the 2010 AGM minutes were tabled.
  3. PAC Chairperson’s Report – Farrell Segall
    – Farrell highlighted successful student-driven charity drives, students’ achievements, and the school’s direction towards digital programs.
  4. Treasurer’s report – Harpreet Dhaliwal
    Gaming Account
    Balance – 22593.12
    Membership Share – $86.41
    Cheque cashed- $500.00
    Old cheque= #0528
    New cheque= #0702

    Community Account
    Closing February 2010 – Balance – $1566.96
    Membership Share – $95.91

    Gaming Account
    Balance – $ 28365.06
    Membership Share – $ 91.60
    Credit clearing (Provincial Payment)- $5770.00
    interest growth- $1.94

    Community Account
    Closing March 2010 – Balance – $1567.03
    Membership Share – $101.67

    Moved to accept Treasurer’s Report by Ingrid Gowans
    Seconded by Jackie Hollis

  5. Mini-School Report – Ingrid Gowans
    – The mini-school had another successful fieldtrip to Strathcona.  The students participated in a variety of outdoor activities including canoeing, rock climbing, hiking and camping.
    – The 2011/12 fieldtrips have been scheduled: the grade 11 and 12s will go to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland Oregon, Sept. 26 – 30.  The grade 9 and 10s have been tentatively scheduled to go to Bamfield Oct. 3 – 7.  The Sun Peaks field trip is scheduled for Jan. 2 – 6.  Chaperones are needed for all field trips.
  6. Student Council – Raman Jhalli
    – Recent student activities include: Battle of the Bands and In Your Face, a fundraiser for Japan.
    The Multicultural Show is a highly successful annual event organised by J.O. students. It will take place on April 28th and will showcase arts productions by J.O. students and community groups.  Geoff Meggs, deputy mayor of Vancouver, will speak.
  7. Principal’s Report – Gino Bondi
    – Gino Bondi introduced the new Vice Principal, Emi Garzitto.
    – J.O student, Kyle Nguyen won the bronze medal at the Juvenile National Wrestling Championships in Windsor, Ontario.
    – The School has received a $40,000 gift from a private donor to fund the Library’s transition to Learning Commons.
  8. Vice-Principal’s Report – Thomas Harapnuick
    Highlighted the School’s focus on literacy for the 2011/2012 year. Teachers have had input into literacy skills programs and extra blocks will be dedicated to literacy skills.
    – Technology, including ipads, will be part of this literacy initiative. 
  9. 2011 – 2012 School Plan – Gordon Chow
    – Gordon Chow, Head of the School Growth Committee, presented the 2011/12 School Plan. The two goals of the Plan are to improve the achievement of all John Oliver students with a focus on literacy and numeracy and to reinforce and improve social responsibility at John Oliver.
  10. Nominations and Elections for 2011 – 2012 PAC Executive
    – Results of this evening’s election:
    President  – Farrell Segall
    Vice President – Jackie Hollis
    Secretary – Monica Moberg
    Fundraising – Llane Rillorta, Manpreet Masi, Monica Moberg
  11. Meeting adjourned
    Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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