Tuesday, January 18, 2011

John Oliver PAC Meeting

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 – Minutes

1. Introductions – Leah Pomerantz

  • Leah Pomerantz, Interim Chair, welcomed everyone and called meeting to order.

2. Agenda

  • Agenda adopted without changes. Moved. Monica Moberg, Seconded: Dipinder Brar.
  • Nov. 23rd Minutes tabled.

3. Treasurer’s Report Submitted by Harpreet Dhaliwal.

  • Gaming Account as of December 2010
    • PAC owes the school – Debt from last year $610.21
    • Balance – $23,087.44
    • Membership Share – $86.41
    • January statement has not yet arrived!
  • Community Account
    • Closing December 2010 – $1566.76
    • Membership Share – $95.91

4. Mini-School Report – Ingrid Gowans

  • Successful Sun Peaks trip – the students participated in snowshoeing, nordic skiing, and downhill skiing or snowboarding.
  • All five grades will participate in teh Strathcona field trip, April 17-23. More chaperones are needed.

5. Student Council Report – Raman Jhali

  • King of Hearts event
  • J.O. Idol
  • Blogs for clubs are now in place
  • Some members of the Student Council are attending the Briefing Day at the UBC Dollar Project, a global issues club at UBC.

6. Vice Principal’s Report

  • Congratulations to the Student Council on a highly successful food drive, the number of can collected is 9000, up from 3000 the prvious year.
  • Recent problems: grafitti on building and a significant theft of electronic equipment occurred over the holidays. The equipment will be replaced by insurance.
  • Mid-Year Experience Exams are scheduled Jan. 24th  – Jan.  27th. These exams are for marks and to familiarize students with the exam process. Special presentations and elective tours are also scheduled. Classes will be suspended for the week.
  • Elementary School Articulation: J.O. needs to maintain the same number of students in order to maintain the same number of staff and programs. Potentially 200 students will come from the four catchment elementary school, more from outside the catchment. Parents, please market J.O. to parents in the local elementary schools. If any parent has a connection with a catchment school, please let them know that Mr. Bindi is happy to speak to their PAC. Grade 7 parent night is on Thursday, Feb. 10th, any J.O. parent is welcome to attend.

7. New Business

  • Technology Program for Parents/Guardians: At the next PAC meeting on Feb. 15th parents will break into groups based on ability and learn how to use the J.O. website or investigate more technical items such as blogging. This hands on workshop will take place in one of the computer classrooms. The Grade 8 mini school students will be at the meeting to assist with the workshop.
  • New Chairperson appointment: Monica Moberg moved that Farrell Segall be nominated for the position of PAC Chair and that Jackie Hollis be nominated for the position of Vice-Chair. Llane Rillorta seconded.
  • Farrell Segall and Jackie Hollis were acclaimed as the new Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. Congratulations Farrell & Jackie.

Next Meeting: February 15th, 2011 at 7pm.

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