Staff/School Speakers for PAC Meetings – ideas!

We want to invite JO Staff/Expert speakers to our meetings for quick 5-minute presentations on things parents are interested in, so we can be more informed about JO and ensure our kids have a great experience!  They can present in first 15 mins or come at 7:45pm for the end of the meeting.

What topics would you be curious about?  Here are 8 ideas we are thinking of – add your own ideas in comments, or let us know your favourite!

In no particular order:

  1. Pat Lee – athletics update, vibe of school athletics, teams to watch, what’s in which season, where PAC money goes and has gone, Athletics website, how to share info on athletics to the school and “fan” community
  2. A counsellor – their pick of topic: things we should be most aware of – or maybe two parenting “things” we can do to ensure our teens are the best they can be
  3. A different counsellor – Screen time – Phones and Computers in Kid’s Rooms – daily recommendations, weekends, what time of day permitted (and when never)
  4. Multicultural Rep: New to Canada? Helping Children New to Canada in their first years.
  5. Eric Tsang or his PR/Social Media student – Music program update, what they need from PAC
  6. Jeff Spence or John Silver – STEM at JO, what it is, how to apply, who should be part of it, who won’t thrive
  7. Shop Teacher (Chris Lee or other?) – Red Seal Apprentice program and other apprentice programs available at JO
  8. Jacqui Symons – Student Council – update on purpose, composition, goals, benefits, progress of student council

Let us know your thoughts!

JO PAC Sept 20 Meeting + Agenda

We acknowledge that we will be meeting on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territories of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

It’s the first meeting of the year for JO Parents! All parents and guardians of JO students are encouraged to attend!

Meet the Principal, hear about clubs+music+opportunities, connect with other parents interested in providing voice and energy to build a best-ever JO school community.


  1. 7pm (please be on time!) Welcome to the new year! We will go around the room quickly to get everyone’s name, child’s grade, mention your child’s former elementary, if you had kids at any other high school, your current role with the JO PAC if you have one, and one reason why you’re here tonight!
  2. Principal’s report
  3. Upcoming year’s PAC meeting dates – there’s only 7! 3rd Wed – Oct. 18, Nov. 22, Jan. 17, Feb. 21 (no meeting March), April 18, May 23 – final meeting – Jo-Ann – also outlining Secretary role and what’s involved.
  4. Financial update – Tracey – how much $ we have, lottery money received, typical income / expenses of the PAC, how we decide on funds to give to clubs/projects – Note we will have clubs + staff make requests for funding in October and the PAC will vote. The Treasurer will then prepare the budget for voting approval in November.
  5. Vote on new Executive members, Discussion of Team Roles – we need a few new folks (or co-teams) to officially step up especially “PAC Meeting Chair+School Liaison”  (we have to vote this one) and “Fundraising Idea Management + Planning”. Note we have Treasurer + Secretary candidates willing to stand (Tracey and Jo-Ann respectively). Our 2014-2017 PAC Chair Anne Montgomery “graduated” with her son as of June 2017 (she will be at Sept 20 2017 meeting). Note that we have some parents willing to take on roles as Communications/Social Media person, DPAC Rep but are happy to trade and/or have help! Before the vote, we will discuss how your interests possibly align with some tasks that will help the team!
  6. DPAC report – Anne Montgomery – upcoming DPAC meetings: Sept 28 General Meeting (Topic – PAC 101), Oct 3 All Candidates meeting (VSB Trustees) (see
  7. Quick info / issue concern gathering on things to mention to DPAC on JO’s behalf at upcoming VSB Trustee vote – Anne
  8. Update on Farrell’s (former JO PAC Chair, STEM supporter) Maker Mobile
  9. Sharing PAC information – Communications update – Lara + Tracey – ideas on how to get the word out to all parents at JO. FB, Twitter, MailChimp, website. Are there ethnic communities that we are not reaching? Why or why not? Do you prefer Synervoice ‘voice’ or email?
  10. Guests at future PAC meetings – Lara – has idea of 7 guest speakers
  11. Fundraising – Lara – gift card fundraiser, t-shirt idea
  12. New business. Bring your ideas!

Note that PACs are not intended for “fundraising” – they are intended to provide parents with the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the school; to give parents opportunity to provide input into school- based decisions; to provide a setting for educating parents; to unify efforts of the school community towards the goal of quality education; to advocate equal educational opportunities for all students! (and more) *how’s that for noble?!? 🙂

We respect your time and will always attempt to be done by 8pm/8:15pm.

Ideas for ‘guests’ for Oct, Nov, Jan meetings to help us learn more about JO (eg., Student Council teacher sponsor, Counsellors (with top issues parents can help with), Athletics, Music, Take a Hike (40 kids in program), STEM (120 kids in program) – send your ideas / questions too!

We will post minutes after the meeting on the PAC website and on FB.

Email with questions or comment here.

With thanks and enthusiasm for a great new year!

SHARE with any JO parents of Grade 8 students!! (and new parents and parents you think may not follow JO on FB!)

What Type of Help Do We Need?

At a mini-pre-PAC meeting Sept 13, 2017, some parents were wondering about roles to be covered, so they could visualize themselves as part of the team! Note – this year there will be 7 meetings only – plus one fun contributor party in June!

Here is our role breakdown:  *in process* *please ask questions!*

PAC Chair/Co-Chair – ** seeking volunteers!

  • attend PAC meetings
  • time keep at PAC meetings so no one speaker goes over/occupies too much of the 70 minute meeting
  • speaks 2x a month (or less if less needed!) with the principal and head administrator of JO to ensure flow of communications
  • reply in a timely manner to all PAC Exec member emails (within 2 days if possible) so committee work can flow

Secretary – incumbent: Jo-Ann Gordon

  • attend each meeting, taking notes / Exec attendance, providing written summary and post to JO PAC website
  • if edits needed, making edits to minutes on JO PAC website
  • reply in a timely manner to all PAC Exec member emails (within 2 days if possible) so committee work can flow

Treasurer – incumbent: Tracey Santos

  • apply for BC Lotteries grant each June
  • prepare documentation/bookkeeping reports for proper standing in BC Associations + DPAC
  • write cheques for DPAC to maintain our standing
  • monitor PAC bank account
  • provide leadership in distribution of funds raised to clubs, departments asking for $ from PAC
  • provide short update at each meeting (can email or text report in!) – eg., available un-allocated funds, funds raised.
  • reply in a timely manner to all PAC Exec member emails (within 2 days if possible) so committee work can flow

DPAC Rep/Advocacy – incumbent: Anne Montgomery

  • provide report each meeting (can be emailed in) on advocacy areas
  • as requested by DPAC, solicit JO PAC opinions
  • share information to parents on where to find out more about how governments fund public education
  • attend DPAC events

Fundraising Coordinator – ** seeking volunteers!

  • evaluate (keep/toss/file) fundraising ideas in keeping with our brand, school goals/vibe
  • administer programs and get proper info to communications during fundraising efforts/campaigns
  • provide short update at each meeting (can email or text report in!)

Communications/Social Media – incumbent: Lara Spence

  • send reminders about PAC meetings to MailChimp list, and (week before) to Teresa M (head JO secretary) so info can go out on Synervoice (give on the Thursday before; Synervoice email goes Fri; Synervoice voicemail goes Sunday
  • update JO PAC website (WordPress)
  • update JO PAC Facebook and Twitter as appropriate, to build community, further growing amazing reputation of JO as arts, academic, athletic, diversity, community and spirit “go to school” in Vancouver
  • reply to people if they send notes in via FB/Tw
  • maintain MailChimp list (try to grow it)
  • provide thoughtful input to all committees asking for help, and provide timely replies (within 2 days) to PAC Exec emails so committee work can flow.

School Clubs Liaison

School Music Liaison


John Oliver Teacher Appreciation Lunch – Food, Donations, Volunteers Wanted!

On Wednesday, May 24th, the PAC is hosting a Teacher Luncheon in the staff room to show our wonderful John Oliver teachers how much we appreciate them. Since we aren’t allowed to draw from the grant money the PAC receives, we are asking for donations of food, money for food and supply purchases, and gifts that can be given to the teachers.

Do you own a restaurant or know someone who does? Perhaps you make amazing samosas or brownies? There are over 100 teachers to feed and there are various food needs to take into account: vegan, vegetarian, Halal, peanut-free. If you can provide any of these foods, that would be great. The gifts for the teachers can include gift certificates to restaurants, spas or stores, or items such as bottles of wine, coffee or other specialty foods.

If you are able to help with food or gift donations, please contact the PAC at

Food items should be labelled (eg. peanut-free, vegetarian), and please put your name on any containers that you would like back. Food can be delivered to the school the morning of the 24th.

We are also happy to have volunteers to set up the lunch and clean up afterwards. (Let us know at

To donate money for prizes and/or food:

Thank you for helping the PAC show our love and support for our fantastic teachers!

  • Anne Montgomery, PAC Chair, John Oliver Secondary

April 11 Discussion of Provincial Education Policy

Your Education Matters is hosting a another discussion on public ed with former Minister of Education George Abbott on Tuesday April 11th, at 7pm at SFU Woodwards. The event will be moderated by Katie Hyslop, Education & Youth Reporter for The Tyee and the panel will include past VSB Chair Mike Lombardi, Cindy Dalglish of Surrey Students Now, Jennifer Stewart of FACE (Families Against Cuts to Education) and PAN and Andrea Sinclair of PAN. This event is open to everyone and is free. It starts at 7pm at SFU Woodwards in downtown Vancouver. The evening should be insightful and informative – we look forward to seeing many concerned citizens there. Poster for sharing within your networks is attached.

2016-2017 John Oliver PAC Wish List (we need to raise funds for these!)

At the recent October 2016 JO PAC meeting (all parents of all John Oliver students are members of the PAC by the way and are welcome to attend the meetings), clubs and teams and departments presented their wish lists for PAC funding/help, and below is the list of what we have decided to focus our fundraising efforts on this year.

The truth is, though, that we can’t fund everything on the list with the money we have in our PAC bank account from the BC Lottery grant and previous fundraising efforts. We will be having a direct drive this fall and a fundraising bingo night in January 2017 (and possibly more events).

Can you help? You can donate *HERE* *NOW* to JO PAC (Paypal or credit card) (cheques are also OK)

2016/2017 Student and Teacher Funding Requests:

  • Dry Grad and Grad Breakfast – $4500
  • Wrestling Team (attending national championship event) – $3000
  • Aboriginal Club – $700
  • Grade 8 Lunch Time Drop In Club – $300
  • Robotics Club – $2000
  • Boys Club – $1000
  • Manitoba Music Exchange – $2000
  • Safeteen Program – $2300
  • Photography Club – $1200
  • LALS Cooking Program – $600
  • Student Council (to help put on events, build student engagement) – $500

The JO PAC will fund some of these requests with Gaming Grant money, but not all of these requests can be fulfilled without extra fundraising/donations.

And, there are still outstanding requests from other years such as:

  • Risers for the Choir (improves performance/sound) – $2000
  • Tuba for the band (we have no tuba!) – $2500
  • Camera Lens – $2000
  • Travel Bags for Mini School field studies – $300
  • Art Hanging System for the Learning Commons – $200
  • Athletics – need more funds for referees and tournament costs!

For information on any of these items, please email

We can get you a tax receipt for your donation for the current tax year but need your contact details including name + address).

If you have any other fundraising ideas, please contact us!


Important Rally Oct 20 5:30pm b/c Democratic Officials Fired

The John Oliver PAC wants you to be aware of this:

Please join us this Thursday, October 20th at 5:30 p.m. for a rally at the Vancouver School Board 1580 West Broadway South Lawn. In order for us to be united and have a strong voice to say NO to constant under funding, we MUST stand together and be heard!

(*Ironically, this rally was going to be held at the John Oliver gym, and the gym had been booked, but the Vancouver School Board cancelled the rally booking on Wednesday October 19th!)

After the VSB Trustees advised the BC Education Minister of an imminent balanced budget meeting, they were fired!

The VSB Trustees were democratically voted in by the people of Vancouver. After hearing the public’s demands and outcries about potential school closures the Trustees refused to agree with the cuts and closures and were in turn fired by the Province!

– Are you tired of constant underfunding?

– Are you tired of program cuts and closures?

– Are you tired of more work being downloaded?

– Are you tired of year after year uncertainty?

We ALL need to show our support and stand up against this unbelievable move by the Provincial Government.

We are concerned for the future of our families’ livelihoods and well being!

Please attend this important rally!

JO PAC Meeting Wednesday Oct 19 7pm – discussing money allocation

Our most exciting meeting of the year is happening on Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm in the Learning Commons. Students and teachers will be presenting their requests for funding and the PAC (all JO Parents are members and can vote if present!) will start voting on where to spend the gaming grant. If you want a say in what money is spent on at JO, please attend this meeting! Refreshments will be served.

Let us know you’re coming –>



JO PAC meeting September 21 2016 7pm

Welcome back! September is the time for seeing old friends and making new ones, and one of the ways that parents can get in on the action is by joining the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)!
Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 21, in the Learning Commons (the library) at 7pm. There will be refreshments and some really cool people to meet, such as the PAC executive, some very friendly parents, our awesome new Principal, Pedro DaSilva, and quite possibly some teachers.The first meeting is the time where we get to know one another, talk about what we can expect from the upcoming year, ask and answer questions, and hear from Pedro what is happening at John Oliver this term.
The PAC allows parents to get involved and have a say in their children’s school experience. We share concerns, become educated, volunteer at school events, and decide how gaming grant money will be spent within the school. Everyone is welcome to join so if you want to know what’s going on at John Oliver, please come to our PAC meetings or sign up for the PAC’s emails so you can stay informed.
Feel free to connect with us via the JO Facebook page: and/or our Event on this meeting –