Important Rally Oct 20 5:30pm b/c Democratic Officials Fired

The John Oliver PAC wants you to be aware of this:

Please join us this Thursday, October 20th at 5:30 p.m. for a rally at the Vancouver School Board 1580 West Broadway South Lawn. In order for us to be united and have a strong voice to say NO to constant under funding, we MUST stand together and be heard!

(*Ironically, this rally was going to be held at the John Oliver gym, and the gym had been booked, but the Vancouver School Board cancelled the rally booking on Wednesday October 19th!)

After the VSB Trustees advised the BC Education Minister of an imminent balanced budget meeting, they were fired!

The VSB Trustees were democratically voted in by the people of Vancouver. After hearing the public’s demands and outcries about potential school closures the Trustees refused to agree with the cuts and closures and were in turn fired by the Province!

– Are you tired of constant underfunding?

– Are you tired of program cuts and closures?

– Are you tired of more work being downloaded?

– Are you tired of year after year uncertainty?

We ALL need to show our support and stand up against this unbelievable move by the Provincial Government.

We are concerned for the future of our families’ livelihoods and well being!

Please attend this important rally!

Welcome, John Oliver Secondary Parents!

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PK Rogue – PechaKucha Event – 2015

A Full House in the JO Learning Commons – What a great event with such amazing speakers.

The topics presented were inspiring and informative and show the true diversity amongst the people behind the scenes in our Vancouver community.

Event Architect: Olivia Fermi MA ABS, ConResCert.
Amy Kiara Ruth, BSc (Kin, Ed)
Farrell Segall, BEng, Elect Eng
Robin Clark, BScF, RPF
Linda Solomon
Dethe Elza
Lindsay Brown, BFA, MA (Comm)
Walter V Cicha, PhD
Brian Callahan, MBA, MDiv

If you missed this – watch our website for the next interesting talk / presentation.

Thanks too to all those who donated money by the purchase of refreshments from the Eyes of Hope Student Club who will turn these funds into gift packages to many needy families in the community.
Above all thanks to the support of teachers and parents that assisted in the planning and the volunteers that managed the registration and event organizing.