PAC Meeting Jan 17 2018

Join John Oliver parents, Principal Pedro da Silva, and John Oliver STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) teacher Jeff Spence on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7pm in the John Oliver Learning Commons.


  • Jeff Spence (JO Teacher) – STEM at JO (only offered at one other school in Vancouver!), why it matters, what it is (grades 9,10, 11 one class each), how to apply, who should be part of it, who won’t thrive, how it differs from John Oliver Digital Immersion Mini
  • Principal Pedro da Silva – school news, dates for mid-year exam week (how each grade will experience things), update VBS Student Learning Grant $34,000 (one time given) – we know the teachers met to discuss how to allocate funds (instructional supplies, athletic supplies, band/instruments, etc.) – Pedro will update and discuss if we received and when monies need to be spent.
  • Suzanne Smythe (PAC DPAC rep) – District PAC update – info on what concerns the district PAC
  • Tracey Santos (PAC treasurer) – PAC Accounts update
  • Sheri Wiwchar (PAC fundraising co-chair) – Purdy’s Fundraising totals; buying gift cards (to benefit the PAC, mini and music programs) will continue throughout year
  • Lara Spence (PAC Communications) – Family Bingo Thursday March 1 – a community event, organized by Mini students
  • Sheril Gelmon (PAC Co-Chair) – Update on The Quest Course for Teens by facilitator Rebecca Janke (attended November PAC meteing)– how to sign up for interested students/parents
  • Lara Spence (PAC Communications) – update on Screenagers, which recently screened at Tupper Secondary and JO Secondary (but it wasn’t put on by us…)
  • Other business? Parents welcome to ask questions!


JO PAC Meeting Minutes – November 22, 2017

Present:    Sheril Gelmon, Sukhminder Guru, Ramandeep Kaurminhas – Co-Chairs, Lara Spence – Communications/Social Media, Jo-Ann Gordon, Wendy Sinclair – Co-Secretaries, Sheri Wiwchar, Jennifer West – Co-Fundraising Coordinators, Pedro da Silva – Principal, Joy Jose – Filipino Multicultural Liaison Worker, and 25 parents.

The meeting began at 7:00 pm with parents introducing themselves and sharing what grade(s) their child(ren) are in. Approval of minutes from October 18 meeting by Marjinder Deol and seconded by Monica Moreno.

  1. Principal’s Report: (Pedro da Silva)
  • Trustees are now in place – Joy Alexander is both Chair and Trustee for John Oliver Sec. School
  • Thurs. Nov. 23 – report cards go home and Grad Breakfast
  • Nov. 29 – Girls basketball tournament begins
  • Thurs. Nov. 30 – Parent-Teacher conferences
  • Fri. Dec. 1 – Pro-D day
  • Tues. Dec. 5 – Winter Concert at 7:00 pm (tickets at the door) – come and hear the choir, the 3 bands and the new R&B student band “24 Carrots”
  • Wed. Dec. 6 – “Screenager” film will be shown at JO
  • Dec. 6 – Boys basketball tournament begins
  • Fri. Dec. 22 – Winter Madness (students and teachers performing)

Education –

  • Transition Gr. 10, 11 and 12 curriculum next year (Gr. 10 courses are now on new curriculum while Gr. 11 and 12 are delayed)
  • Plan 2018 for graduation is now in place
  • Planning 10 course is being replaced by Career Education and Grad Transitions (2 new courses)
  • Provincial Exams are gone – replaced by Numeracy and Literacy exams (which are only standardized tests) – these can be taken at any time between Gr. 10-12 and as often as students want
  • Universities will be taking these two exams into consideration

Parent-Teacher Conferences –

It was mentioned that parents are only allowed to sign up online to meet with max 4 teachers. Mr. Da Silva was going to look into why there is a limit, but it may be to ensure all parents have the opportunity to see teachers.

At another school in September they have a “Walk-about Night” where parents follow their child’s timetable and walk to each class, meeting with the teachers for about 5 minutes each. An appointment is then made to see a teacher if further discussion is wanted. They also have Parent-Teacher Conferences after the first report card.

At JO parents can call or email your child’s counsellor to set up a meeting with any teacher, at any point in the year.

  1. Treasurer’s report: (Tracey Santos)

No report as Tracey was absent.

Antonella Perri (Van City employee and JO parent) brought in a $250 cheque from donations to John Oliver through Van City. They will go into the regular JO PAC account.

Hallway Health Project – Mr. Da Silva hasn’t heard back from Catherine (sponsor). She does receive Community Service funding, however if the PAC wants to give her requested money as well, that’s up to PAC.

Athletics – Mr. Lee is too busy with Jokers Classic to get back to us about details PAC requested for funds.

  1. Fundraising: (Sheri Wiwchar, Lara Spence)

Grouse Mtn Ski Pass – nothing was raised this year

Purdy’s Chocolates – $200 raised so far – link is online until the end of the day Wed. Nov. 29, the deadline. Please support this fundraiser by ordering chocolates for Christmas. Chocolates will be available Dec. 14 after school.

Gift card shopping Fundscrip – $173 raised – order online up to $500 maximum value, with a max of 4 physical gift cards in 1 envelope (mail safety reasons). To pay add Fundscrip as bill payment. Instructions are on both JO website and Fundscrip website. It takes about 1.5 weeks for ordered gift cards to arrive in the mail. . Funds raised go to PAC for distribution (Mini also using Fundscrip). See PAC website for details:

  1. Filipino Multicultural Liaison: (Joy Jose)

Joy is at JO on Tuesdays and Thursdays (she is the liaison for 53 schools). Joy would like JO PAC to reach out to Filipino parents; she mentioned that personal invitation is important to them.

  1. The Quest Course: (Rebecca Janke)

Rebecca is a parent consultant and registered social worker, who is a facilitator for the Neufeld Institute. The Quest Course is for teenagers about their journey through adolescence. There are 6 rites of passage, which the course covers. There are 2 options for the course, with a 2.5 hr parent workshop preceding the students workshop. Talked about keeping groups of 5-12 teenagers within one grade. Open to both high school and university students. For more information please see Rebecca’s website

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Library.

To stay in touch and help learn about/share the happenings at John Oliver, please:

JO Parents Meeting Nov 22 2017 – with speaker Rebecca Janke parent consultant

In addition to the regular business of our John Oliver PAC meeting (hear from Mr. Pedro da Silva, Principal, on school happenings, get update on athletics, the programs we funded in October, music, and (sorry) maybe some fundraising), we have a special guest speaker from the neighbourhood! The meeting is 7-8:10pm in the Learning Commons at John Oliver Secondary.

Rebecca Janke, RSW MSW, is a parent consultant and registered social worker who is a certified Neufeld Consultant. She specializes in promoting positive attachment within the parent-child relationship.

At 7:40pm, Rebecca will introduce herself and provide an outline of the six rites of passage essential to equip youth for adulthood. Her presentation will be based on her recent work with The Quest Course — a fun-filled course designed for teens as they move toward taking their first steps on their own, especially within this pressure-filled era we live in.  The course is based on Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s work ( and a developmental approach to adolescence.  What are the adventures awaiting our youth?  What are the pitfalls that can slow them down?  How can they become equipped to boldly step out on their own amazing journey with the skills and character to forge their own path?  The Quest Course seeks to provide youth with a road map of the six rites of passage  essential to equip our youth for adulthood.

We hope some parents may stay at the end of the meeting and we can speak more with Rebecca and network!


JO PAC Meeting Minutes – Oct. 18, 2017

Present:  Sheril Gelmon, Sukhminder Guru, Ramandeep Kaurminhas – Co-Chairs, Tracey Santos – Treasurer, Lara Spence – Communications/Social Media, Suzanne Smythe –DPAC Rep., Jo-Ann Gordon – Secretary, Sheri Wiwchar – Co-Fundraising Coordinator, Pedro da Silva – Principal, James Francom, Eddie Cruz, Sharween Siddeeq, 25 parents and 6 students presenting, Student Council Co-President

The meeting began at 7:00 pm with parents introducing themselves and sharing what grade(s) their child(ren) are in. Approval of minutes from Sept. 20 meeting by Lara Spence and seconded by Kanwal & Marjinder Deol.

  1. Presentations by Clubs and Groups for Gaming Grant money:

Creative Writing (James Francom – sponsor teacher) – asking for $250 and agreed to give $250
– writing mentor from UBC (Mika) comes to JO Tues. after school for 10 week session
– goal is to get published in a literary book
– about 20 members in Club so far
– received $250 from PAC in Spring – would like an additional $150 to total $400 for mentor – would like $100 for printing of stories in different forms from the book
– Photography Club (meets Fri. lunch) – is looking to do Portraits of New York style for JO – wants to collaborate with writers from Creative Writing Club

Jr. Life Skills Program – The Art of Belonging (Eddie Cruz – sponsor teacher, Roz MacLean – teacher) – asking for $920 and agreed to give $920 with provision that if given a grant from Opus to give money back to PAC
– ongoing art workshops for Lifeskills students and non-disabled peers from Take a Hike Program
– Roz MacLean will be the visiting artist for 7 sessions (once/twice weekly) – with an art show in March 2018
– have received $2,150 from ArtStarts and require $920 for supplies – leftover supplies remain at the school
– have applied to Opus Art Supplies for a donation – will know in about 6 weeks time

Hallway Health Project (Catherine McCambridge) – sponsor teacher) – asking for $300. Mr. da Silva will ask Catherine to see about community service funds. To be re-visited next meeting.
– tables are set up in the hallways during lunch time once or twice/month
– follow themes promoted by Health Canada – Sleep Hygiene, HPV Prevention, Smoking, etc.
– would like to buy prizes and food to entice students to drop by the tables and gather information

Grad Committee (Sharween Siddeeq – sponsor teacher) – asking for $4,500 and agreed to give $1,500 for Grad Breakfast and $3,000 for Dry Grad
– Grad Breakfast $1,500 (VSB Catering) Nov. 23 – wear PJ’s, eat breakfast, open Gr. 8 letters written to self
– Dry Grad $3,000 (Mystery Bus tour, assembly, dinner, casino games in gym) – May 25, 2018 – Dry Grad will end up costing around $10,000
– fundraising for other money – already raised $2,000 in the summer, as well as $2,400 VSB grant
– does not include Prom (which is cost about $26,000) and Grad ceremony
– Grad Committee also raised money for Grad Committee Awards and to give back
– Grad BBQ – donations came from students soliciting from businesses

Student Council (Jacqui Symons – sponsor teacher) – asking for nothing at this time as received money from VSB
– puts on events to build school spirit (Dances, Canned Food Drive, Santa Pictures, etc.)
– Student Council provides leadership and support to other clubs

Safe Teen (Don – sponsor teacher) – asking for $2,400, and agreed to give $2,400
– anti-violence program for Gr. 10’s ($325/class for 2 sessions each)

Athletics Program (Pat Lee – sponsor teacher) – asking for $7,000. More information is needed from Mr. Lee and so this will be looked at again next meeting.
– $2,000 for annual BCSS school fees; $3,000 for uniforms; $2,000 for balls
– Jokers Corner and tournaments and Poinsettas raise money for Athletics – $50 is fee for students to take as many sports as they like

  1. Treasurer’s report: (Tracey Santos)

We have received Gaming money of $25,000 for this year. Out of that $5,000 will be carried forward to next year, $2,500 for June 2018 scholarships, and the remainder given to Clubs and Groups in need.

Legacy Account (from 100 year anniversary) has about $15,000, which is being saved for when the new school is built. A scholarship comes out of the account.

  1. Principal’s Report: (Pedro da Silva)
  • Oct. 19 – Interim reports being sent home (work habits and comments)
  • Oct. 26 – School Dance at 7 pm
  • Nov. 9 – Remembrance Day assembly – open to parents
  • Nov. 23 – 1st Term Report cards
  • Nov. 30 – parent/teacher night
  • Received VBS Student Learning Grant of $34,000 (one time given) – teachers meeting to discuss how to allocate (instructional supplies, athletic supplies, band/instruments, ELL students, etc.) – must be spent by Dec. 31, 2017. Will be presented at next PAC meeting.
  • All teachers have been hired – Math one is temporary until next Spring.
  • New District school websites will be online Jan/Feb 2018 – teachers emails should be on website.
  1. Fundraising: (Lara Spence)

A couple fundraisers to watch for: If buying a Grouse ski pass, please use PAC-OLIVER promo code (late in buying process) at (if we can run $7400 through promo code, we get 15% back). Gift card shopping Fundscrip . Funds raised go to PAC for distribution (Mini also using Fundscrip). See PAC website for details:

  1. DPAC: (Suzanne Smythe)

Suzanne agreed to be the liaison for DPAC this year. Nov. 9 there will be new Trustees meeting and she will be there on behalf of JO.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday November 22, 2017 at 7pm in the Library.

To stay in touch and help learn about/share the happenings at John Oliver, please:
‘Like’ John Oliver on Facebook (
Twitter (@jo_school)
(if in Mini) ask to join Mini School parents FB
( Read the John Oliver PAC blog (

PAC Meeting to Allocate Gaming Grant Wednesday Oct 18 2017

A very important Parents (PAC) meeting on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 7pm in the Learning Commons. Meeting may go a bit long. (Read why below!)

Students and program leaders (Music, Athletics, others) will be presenting their requests for some PAC Funds made possible by the generous grant provided to many schools (who apply) from the BC Lottery Corporation. It’s about $20,000 ($20 per student). We will plan to allocate 3/4 of it, but will save some for spring needs that may emerge. We can’t give money to things like textbooks or more staff; it’s for things like clubs, team uniforms, instruments, subsidizing field trips, extra activities.

All JO Parents are members of the PAC and are welcome to vote if present!)

If you would like to learn more about clubs and programs and athletic teams at JO — and/or have a say in how this money will be allocated — this it the meeting to come to, as all ‘requesters’ will present.

Refreshments will be served.

JO PAC Meetings – Oct 18, Nov 22, Jan 17, Feb 21, April 18, May 23

JO PAC meetings are usually held the 3rd Wednesday of the month (no meetings December, March, June, July or August). We will put agendas and minutes up on this site. Comment with your questions! (Yes we know some of these dates are not the 3rd Wednesday).

Meet the John Oliver PAC Executive 2017/2018

We’re pleased to announce the PAC Executive and core team for 2017/2018: (maybe we’ll get organized and do photos as well!)

Co-Chairs – Ramandeep Kaurminhas, Sheril Gelmon and Sukhminder Guru (

Co-Secretaries – Jo-Ann Gordon and Wendy Sinclair

Treasurer – Tracey Santos

Co-Fundraising Coordinators – Jennifer West and Sheri Wiwchar

Communications/Social Media – Lara Spence

DPAC Rep/Advocacy – volunteer(s) needed – District PAC Representative to attend meetings (up to 2/month) – at the VSB Broadway & Fir building (7pm)

Past Chair + DPAC Liaison – Anne Montgomery

Please contact us with questions, concerns, or ideas!

All parents of John Oliver students are members of PAC! We thank the many of you who come to our meetings, volunteer (contact us if you want to help with fundraising, events, etc.!), and act as ambassadors/cheerleaders for John Oliver kids, the school, and our community.

JO PAC Meeting Minutes – Sept. 20, 2017

Present:  Anne Montgomery – Past PAC Chair, Tracey Santos – Treasurer, Ramandeep Kaurminhas Co-DPAC Rep., Jo-Ann Gordon – Secretary, Pedro da Silva – Principal, Mr. Francom and 55 parents

The meeting began at 7:00 pm with parents introducing themselves and sharing what grade(s) their child(ren) are in.

  1. Principal’s Report:

Pedro da Silva, Principal – Gr. 8
Lindsay Reynolds, Vice-Principal – Gr. 9 and Gr. 10
Damien Wilmann, Vice-Principal – Gr. 11 and Gr. 12
Teresa Minato – Office Manager
Sengpat – Receptionist

Counsellors – all have one Grade and they share the Gr. 8’s
Mr. R. Edge – Gr. 9 and Gr. 8 (A-C)
Ms. A. Alvares – Gr. 10 and Gr. 8 (D-J)
Ms. S. Birkenhead – Gr. 11 and Gr. 8 (K-P)
Mr. A. Steinruck – Gr. 12 and Gr. 8 (Q-Z)

School Update –

– 1112 enrollment (up about 40 students from last year) – includes 231 Grade 8’s
September 21 – 6:00 pm – Gr. 8 Info Night
September 28 – Terry Fox Run
September 29 – Orange Shirt Day (Aboriginal)
October 4 – Grad BBQ
October 13 – Photo Re-take Day
October 19 – Interim Reports (sent home before first report card)

Fall Sports – season is beginning for Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball and Cross Country

Communication –

– download “JO Agenda” from App Store or Google Play onto iphone (about 500 students on it so far; would like all 1100 students on it)

– WAAG (week-at-a-glance) – parents weekly agenda – only sent to Primary email for family – if you haven’t received this then contact the office – it means either your email is missing or the Primary email needs to be changed

BC’s New Curriculum – new Gr. 10-12 curriculum will be starting next September 2018 –

School Plan – need to create a new 3 year school plan
Course Selection –
revisit the course selection process – more guidance will be given to students next year
District –
revamping school websites (much needed)
Report Cards –
how we report grades to school is changing
Long Term Facilities Plan –
JO need to be seismically upgraded or brand new school
Teacher shortage –
JO still needs to hire 3 teaching positions (District has hired over 400 additional teachers this year)

Check out more information on website –

  1. PAC Meetings: (Jo-Ann Gordon)

Dates for the 7 PAC meetings are –
Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 22, Jan. 17, Feb. 21, Apr. 18, May 23 (last meeting)

No meetings in December 2017, March 2018, or June 2018

Lara is arranging for guest speakers for each meeting, on relevant topics to build our knowledge of John Oliver clubs, departments (music, athletics, etc.) and parenting issues/concerns/skills.

  1. Treasurer’s report: (Tracey Santos)

There is about $4,000 carried forward in the Gaming Account from last year. Every April apply for grant, which is received in October the same year. It will be approximately $22,000 this year. Gaming Account covers 1/3 of the money needed to run clubs, sports and music in the school. Fundraising by the PAC is needed for the shortfall.

Legacy Account (from 100 year anniversary) has about $15,000, which is being saved for when the new school is built. A scholarship comes out of the account.

Consultative Committee Account (from fundraising, group donations) has about $6,600 – money for Teachers’ lunch, and other requests if we run out of Gaming Account funds.

  1. Voting for PAC positions:

PAC Co-Chairs – Ramandeep Kaurminhas, Sheril Gelmon and Sukhminder Guru
Co-Secretaries – Jo-Ann Gordon and Wendy Sinclair
Treasurer – Tracey Santos
Co-Fundraising Coordinators – Jennifer West and Sheri Wiwchar
Communications/Social Media – Lara Spence
DPAC Rep/Advocacy – volunteer(s) needed – District PAC Representative to attend meetings (up to 2/month) – at the VSB Broadway & Fir building (7pm)
DPAC Liaison – Anne Montgomery

  1. DPAC: (Anne Montgomery)

DPAC is hosting a forum for Trustee candidates on Tuesday Oct. 3 at 6:00 pm at John Oliver Sec. school (volunteers needed to help). If interested contact Thursday Oct. 14 new Trustees are voted in. Here is a link for more information –

  1. Maker Mobile:

Farrell Segall’s Maker Mobile was vandalised this summer. Donations are needed to re-build it.

Click here to support Repair and Restore MakerMobile organized by Farrell Segall

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday October 18, 2017 at 7pm in the Library. Clubs and Teachers will present requests for funds from the Gaming Grant. Parents will vote afterwards. Depending on the number of presentations, this meeting may go until 9pm.

To stay in touch and help learn about/share the happenings at John Oliver, please:

‘like’ the John Oliver Facebook page ( ), the Twitter feed (, or (if in Mini) ask to join the Mini School parents FB (

You can also check in on the John Oliver PAC blog (

Staff/School Speakers for PAC Meetings – ideas!

We want to invite JO Staff/Expert speakers to our meetings for quick 5-minute presentations on things parents are interested in, so we can be more informed about JO and ensure our kids have a great experience!  They can present in first 15 mins or come at 7:45pm for the end of the meeting.

What topics would you be curious about?  Here are 8 ideas we are thinking of – add your own ideas in comments, or let us know your favourite!

In no particular order:

  1. Pat Lee – athletics update, vibe of school athletics, teams to watch, what’s in which season, where PAC money goes and has gone, Athletics website, how to share info on athletics to the school and “fan” community
  2. A counsellor – their pick of topic: things we should be most aware of – or maybe two parenting “things” we can do to ensure our teens are the best they can be
  3. A different counsellor – Screen time – Phones and Computers in Kid’s Rooms – daily recommendations, weekends, what time of day permitted (and when never)
  4. Multicultural Rep: New to Canada? Helping Children New to Canada in their first years.
  5. Eric Tsang or his PR/Social Media student – Music program update, what they need from PAC
  6. Jeff Spence or John Silver – STEM at JO, what it is, how to apply, who should be part of it, who won’t thrive
  7. Shop Teacher (Chris Lee or other?) – Red Seal Apprentice program and other apprentice programs available at JO
  8. Jacqui Symons – Student Council – update on purpose, composition, goals, benefits, progress of student council

Let us know your thoughts!

JO PAC Sept 20 Meeting + Agenda

We acknowledge that we will be meeting on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territories of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

It’s the first meeting of the year for JO Parents! All parents and guardians of JO students are encouraged to attend!

Meet the Principal, hear about clubs+music+opportunities, connect with other parents interested in providing voice and energy to build a best-ever JO school community.


  1. 7pm (please be on time!) Welcome to the new year! We will go around the room quickly to get everyone’s name, child’s grade, mention your child’s former elementary, if you had kids at any other high school, your current role with the JO PAC if you have one, and one reason why you’re here tonight!
  2. Principal’s report
  3. Upcoming year’s PAC meeting dates – there’s only 7! 3rd Wed – Oct. 18, Nov. 22, Jan. 17, Feb. 21 (no meeting March), April 18, May 23 – final meeting – Jo-Ann – also outlining Secretary role and what’s involved.
  4. Financial update – Tracey – how much $ we have, lottery money received, typical income / expenses of the PAC, how we decide on funds to give to clubs/projects – Note we will have clubs + staff make requests for funding in October and the PAC will vote. The Treasurer will then prepare the budget for voting approval in November.
  5. Vote on new Executive members, Discussion of Team Roles – we need a few new folks (or co-teams) to officially step up especially “PAC Meeting Chair+School Liaison”  (we have to vote this one) and “Fundraising Idea Management + Planning”. Note we have Treasurer + Secretary candidates willing to stand (Tracey and Jo-Ann respectively). Our 2014-2017 PAC Chair Anne Montgomery “graduated” with her son as of June 2017 (she will be at Sept 20 2017 meeting). Note that we have some parents willing to take on roles as Communications/Social Media person, DPAC Rep but are happy to trade and/or have help! Before the vote, we will discuss how your interests possibly align with some tasks that will help the team!
  6. DPAC report – Anne Montgomery – upcoming DPAC meetings: Sept 28 General Meeting (Topic – PAC 101), Oct 3 All Candidates meeting (VSB Trustees) (see
  7. Quick info / issue concern gathering on things to mention to DPAC on JO’s behalf at upcoming VSB Trustee vote – Anne
  8. Update on Farrell’s (former JO PAC Chair, STEM supporter) Maker Mobile
  9. Sharing PAC information – Communications update – Lara + Tracey – ideas on how to get the word out to all parents at JO. FB, Twitter, MailChimp, website. Are there ethnic communities that we are not reaching? Why or why not? Do you prefer Synervoice ‘voice’ or email?
  10. Guests at future PAC meetings – Lara – has idea of 7 guest speakers
  11. Fundraising – Lara – gift card fundraiser, t-shirt idea
  12. New business. Bring your ideas!

Note that PACs are not intended for “fundraising” – they are intended to provide parents with the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the school; to give parents opportunity to provide input into school- based decisions; to provide a setting for educating parents; to unify efforts of the school community towards the goal of quality education; to advocate equal educational opportunities for all students! (and more) *how’s that for noble?!? 🙂

We respect your time and will always attempt to be done by 8pm/8:15pm.

Ideas for ‘guests’ for Oct, Nov, Jan meetings to help us learn more about JO (eg., Student Council teacher sponsor, Counsellors (with top issues parents can help with), Athletics, Music, Take a Hike (40 kids in program), STEM (120 kids in program) – send your ideas / questions too!

We will post minutes after the meeting on the PAC website and on FB.

Email with questions or comment here.

With thanks and enthusiasm for a great new year!

SHARE with any JO parents of Grade 8 students!! (and new parents and parents you think may not follow JO on FB!)