DPAC Goodies from Suzanne Smythe, our DPAC Rep

Lots going on in DPAC, the District PAC, that’s working to keep us all informed of school sizes, seismic upgrades, government promises, changes in teaching/schools/legislation, lives!

Please read and stay informed!

Thanks to JO Parent Suzanne Smythe who goes to a bunch of DPAC meetings and reports back. Suzanne has been a volunteer with John Oliver PAC for several years.

If you’re like more information on things, please email the JO PAC!

You’re welcome anytime to any meeting. Watch this site for the JO PAC (parents advisory committee) meetings and look up Vancouver DPAC if you’re interested in what they’re doing!


Lara (Communications/JO PAC)

Suzanne’s May 2018 DPAC Report

Where is JO in the Long Range Facility Plans?

Four years ago, we were in the planning stages of a new school and now we are not listed at all in the plans for new seismic upgrades. Would the PAC like to me inquire of our status?

The 2017-2018 budget is still under discussion. The attached slides are the latest budget presentation. Proposals as I understand it involve cuts to school counsellors and non-enrolling teachers. It would be good to ask Damian exactly how proposed cuts would effect John Oliver. Attached is an article by Tracy Sherlock that does a good job outlining what has improved and what continues to perpetuate inequalities in terms of class size and composition following the Supreme Court ruling.

Parents can continue to email concerns to trustees until final tabling of the budget on June 25.  budget2018-2019@vsb.bc.ca

Gaming Grants: What Our Treasurer Can Spend Lottery Grant ($20 per kid per year if we apply – thanks Tracy S for applying each summer!) Money On

As our liaison to DPAC Anne Montgomery passed on information these. There has been some auditing and clearing up of grey areas on the part of the gaming commission. She reminds us that: “Musical instruments, tablets, sports equipment and even auditorium lighting and sound systems are all things that, if used at any point in a regular class as part of the curriculum, are not to be paid for with gaming money.”

She acknowledges there are grey areas and if in doubt PACs should call the gaming outreach coordinator Mike Simpson, if in doubt.

Dates of Interest to Parents: