John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes – Jan. 25, 2017

Welcome back!

Attendance: Anne Montgomery, PAC Chair, Tracey Santos, Treasurer, Ramandeep Minhas and Suzanne Smythe, DPC Representatives, Pedro DaSilva, Principal, Richard Edge, School Counsellor, Roma Mehta, Sacy Representative; 8 parents

Last month’s minutes were accepted and seconded.

  1. Sacy – Roma Mehta from Sacy (School Age Children and Youth) came to remind us that Sacy is there to support parents and students by offering workshops (there is an upcoming Capacity Café at JO where students can tell parents what school and teenage hood is like for them) and meeting one-on-one with students and parents.

– in April there will be the workshop ‘Building Bridges With Your Teen’.

– there is a youth support worker at JO – Kelly – and kids don’t need a referral to see her.

– Feb 8 & 9, there will be a health fair at the school for kids, and there is a wellness club at lunch time during the week.

– STEP – Sacy Teen Engagement Program – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every week; kids talk about adolescent development.

  1. Richard Edge spoke of the $44 million that the VSB will be receiving from the government. Schools will present requests for “areas of need” in order to get money. JO is hoping to get 2 full-time positions filled, which will help lower the teacher to student ratio for some classes.
  1. Pedro’s Report – The Human Library was held this past week and was very successful in engaging students. People were invited to come and share in their area of expertise, with a focus on the STEM programs.

– Canadian Films were also offered this week after exams.

– it’s time to look at course selection for next year so talk to your kids; they can start choosing courses next week.

– staff changes: Shannon (Vice Principal) was transferred to Kits High, and was replaced by Lindsay Reynolds.

– BC new curriculum – the Grade10/11 curriculum has been delayed for another year although core classes have already started moving towards the new curriculum; there will be no further exams except for Language Arts 12.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – after paying out over $11,000 for teacher/student requests, we are left with just over $9,000 in our gaming account. We expect to have more requests given to the PAC over the next couple of months.

– the Direct Drive wasn’t as successful as hoped, bringing in just over $900. Sheril suggested we keep sending out the request and Anne suggested we try and get it translated into other languages. Anne will ask the Tupper PAC what they think made their DD successful?

– Pedro suggested a couple of fundraising ideas: offer plaques on the back of the auditorium chairs for donations of $100 and over (this would be a great idea for the new build, in order to raise funds to keep the auditorium), or have alumni years start a competition to raise the most money for the Direct Drive, and the year that raises the most can have a plaque and their year’s grad photos put up by the office.

  1. The Mini school held it’s 2nd Bingo fundraiser on January 26 and it was a fun and successful evening, bringing in around $700 for the Mini school. A big thanks to all who donated prizes and snacks, and who bought tickets and played. The big winner of the night was a neighbour from the community who won a tablet!
  1. Tracey suggested we revisit the idea of a fall fair for late September or early October. We’ll talk to Jeff Spence since he had wanted to do a fair, and see if a concrete plan can be developed before the end of the spring semester.
  2. The Drama Department is presenting Morris Panych’s ‘7 Stories’ in the JO Auditorium, February 20, 21, 22 and 23. Door open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from students, at the office or at the door. Come out and support the Drama students!

Meeting adjourned at 8pm; next PAC meeting set for Wednesday, February 15 at 7pm.


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