October 21 2015 John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Tim McGeer, Anne Montgomery, Tracey Santos, Ramandeep Minhas, Florida Balboa, Chun Su, Manjinder Deol, Norma Vallejos, Eugenia Marquez, Evangeline Faulve, Jo-Ann Gordon, Jill Jukes, Kanwal Deol, Naresh Sonefi, Parveen Joshi, Quan La, Claudia Luna

  1. Student and Teacher Wish Lists:

  1. a) Eyes of Hope – looking for $300 for their Christmas Hampers

– we have asked that they give us a list of items that they need and we will see if we can

donate or purchase the items at better prices

  1. b) Grad Committee – asked for money towards the grad breakfast and dry grad

– we gave them $2500 and are waiting for more information on the cost of the grad

breakfast from Tim

  1. c) Math and Science Tutor Club – asked for money for t-shirts to identify them on

outreaches and in class

– Jo-Ann Gordon to look into getting a better price for t-shirts and then we’ll decide

how much to give them

  1. d) Photography Club – looking for over $2000 for a lens so the club can take better


– at this point we can’t offer that amount of money. The club will look at trying to find

a less expensive lens

  1. e) Band – asking for money for a new tuba

– since we gave them so much money last year, we can’t give them any money at

this point until we see how much money is raised with our fundraisers

  1. f) Drama Department – asked for money to purchase new racks and a steamer

– we gave them $320 toward the clothing racks

The other areas looking for funding are:

– uniforms

– weight room equipment

– an honorarium for the carver that has created a totem pole for the school

– snacks for after school programs

– money for the grade 8/12 event

  1. Principal’s Talk:

– we had greater enrollment than expected so were able to post 3 more positions

– students are enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming election and the majority have voted liberal

– a Danish swing band performed at the school

– the grade 8/12 night was very successful

– there will be a totem pole raised in the Learning Commons after Christmas

– for Aboriginal Education Day, younger students will come in to be taught by students

– both the Mini School and Take a Hike have had successful field trips so far

– there is a Halloween Dance on October 28

– Reel to Reel will be shown again at the school (Canadian films)

– the benches that we ordered last year were installed by the back door

– Tim is looking into an offer by the Bank of Montreal to give money to the school if students open accounts there

  1. Further PAC Business:

– there will be a Bingo fundraising event on November 26 at 7pm, for the Mini School to raise funds for students who have financial difficulties

– the next meeting will be on November 18 at 7pm in the Learning Commons

– meeting adjourned at 9pm

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