JO PAC Meeting – Nov. 16, 2016

Present:         Anne Montgomery – PAC Chair, Jo-Ann Gordon – Secretary, Farrell Segall (past PAC Chair), Pedro de Silva – Principal, and 9 parents

The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. Approval of minutes from Oct. 19 meeting by Kanwal Deol and seconded by Majinder Deol.

  1. Presentation by Eastside Fitness (Wendy – co-owner)
  • Located on Fraser Street across from the school – offers personal training, yoga, zumba and other classes; teenagers are welcome to any class $5.00 (waiver signed once), Teen Girls class offered too
  • Free Month Pass for silent auction and Free Class cards.
  • Space is available for rent for parties or community gatherings.
  • Dance Co. bought the building and are upstairs.
  1. Principal’s Report (Pedro)
  • Red Cross Healthy Relationships Youth Symposium (2 day workshop happened on the weekend).
  • Day of the Dead displays throughout the school – involves Spanish and French classes.
  • Halloween School Dance – smooth one, students being respectful of the school and building.
  • Oral Quiz – week long for French and Spanish.
  • Boys Soccer are in Provincials; Sr. Girls Volleyball also doing well.
  • Mini School Information night was a success.
  • LIT Festival – each grade ranked books they would like to read. With grant money the top 3 books for each grade were purchased (from KidsBooks) and put in classroom libraries.
  • Remembrance Day – Harjitt Sajjan (Min. of Defence) visited the school and was presented with an aboriginal shirt made for PM Justin Trudeau.
  1. Grant Money given to the following clubs

Photography Club – $800

Lunch Time Drop-in – $300

Music Exchange – $1,000

Grad Committee – $1,500 for Grad Breakfast; $3,000 for Mystery Bus

JO Wrestling Team – $1,000

Student Council – nothing at this time as they receive money from the VSB

Safe Teen – $2,400

Robotics – $2,000

Aboriginal Club – $500

Boy’s Club – $800

There is approximately $6,800 remaining from the Gaming Grant, for proposals in the New Year.

Direct Drive is happening, with deadline of Dec. 2.

All details and link to credit card “Donate Now” button are here and (the MailChimp email that went out to our 85 PAC emails). People can also write cheques. Tax receipts are available if people donate more than $20 and let us know they need a receipt (name, address, phone number). Wishlist items we are hoping to fund are listed at

  1. UBC Engineering Open House

Saturday, Nov. 26 from 10-4 pm. Register online.

  1. DPAC Chair

Morgane has stepped down as she is running for MLA. This is a strong organization that fights for student and teacher concerns.

Rallies in March 2017 with PAN or FACE (check online at JO PAC). They will upload videos made by parents about different ideas and issues.

  1. Mini School Bingo fundraiser

Coming in the New Year – Thursday, January 26, 2017!

  1. Parent Teacher night

Thursday, December 8

  1. Farrell Segall

Would like to help fund Robotics at JO by giving a $1,000 cheque and then matching donations by students up to another $1,000 until April/May 2017. He is supporting technology in JO and will meet with A. Wong and Pedro to discuss and set up how to get the word out to all the students. If 50 to 100 students each brought in $10 that would be enough!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday January 18, 2017.

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2016-2017 John Oliver PAC Wish List (we need to raise funds for these!)

At the recent October 2016 JO PAC meeting (all parents of all John Oliver students are members of the PAC by the way and are welcome to attend the meetings), clubs and teams and departments presented their wish lists for PAC funding/help, and below is the list of what we have decided to focus our fundraising efforts on this year.

The truth is, though, that we can’t fund everything on the list with the money we have in our PAC bank account from the BC Lottery grant and previous fundraising efforts. We will be having a direct drive this fall and a fundraising bingo night in January 2017 (and possibly more events).

Can you help? You can donate *HERE* *NOW* to JO PAC (Paypal or credit card) (cheques are also OK)

2016/2017 Student and Teacher Funding Requests:

  • Dry Grad and Grad Breakfast – $4500
  • Wrestling Team (attending national championship event) – $3000
  • Aboriginal Club – $700
  • Grade 8 Lunch Time Drop In Club – $300
  • Robotics Club – $2000
  • Boys Club – $1000
  • Manitoba Music Exchange – $2000
  • Safeteen Program – $2300
  • Photography Club – $1200
  • LALS Cooking Program – $600
  • Student Council (to help put on events, build student engagement) – $500

The JO PAC will fund some of these requests with Gaming Grant money, but not all of these requests can be fulfilled without extra fundraising/donations.

And, there are still outstanding requests from other years such as:

  • Risers for the Choir (improves performance/sound) – $2000
  • Tuba for the band (we have no tuba!) – $2500
  • Camera Lens – $2000
  • Travel Bags for Mini School field studies – $300
  • Art Hanging System for the Learning Commons – $200
  • Athletics – need more funds for referees and tournament costs!

For information on any of these items, please email

We can get you a tax receipt for your donation for the current tax year but need your contact details including name + address).

If you have any other fundraising ideas, please contact us!


PAC Meeting Minutes – Oct. 19/16

Present:      Anne Montgomery – PAC Chair, Tracey Santos – Treasurer, Ramandeep Kaurminhas Co-DPAC Rep., Jo-Ann Gordon – Secretary, Pedro de Silva – Principal, and 10 parents

The meeting began at 7:00 p.m.
Approval of minutes from Sept. 21 meeting Sheril Gelmon, seconded by Jo-Ann Gordon.

  1. Presentations by Clubs and Groups for Gaming Grant money:

Photography Club (Michelle Nelson – sponsor teacher) – asking for $1,240
– seed money to make pinhole cameras, graphic design, revenue generating club (50% student/50% club)
– at the end of the school year put on a gallery show

Lunch Time Drop-in (Catherine -sponsor) – asking for $300
– Gr. 8 casual drop-in on Mondays to get to know one another

Music Exchange – (Eric Tsang – sponsor teacher) – asking for $2,000
– Nov. 18-24 23 JO students with 25 Manitoba students
– government pays for airfare and transportation to and from airport
– fundraising for 48 students and 6 chaperones seeing culture of Vancouver, buses and meals
– could put on a concert to raise money

Grad Committee (Sangeeta Kaulder, Richard Edge – sponsors) – asking for $4,500
– Grad Breakfast $1,500 (VSB Catering) Nov. 22/16 – wear PJ’s, eat breakfast, open Gr. 8 letters, etc.
– Dry Grad $3,000 (Mystery Bus tour, assembly, dinner, casino games in gym) – end of June
– fundraising for other money, as well as $2,400 VSB grant
– does not include Prom and Grad ceremony
– suggested that Gr. 11 parents help for Gr. 12’s each year (8 hr. day so shifts would be needed)
– PAC has supported this since 2009

JO Wrestling Team (John Silver – sponsor teacher) – asking for $3,000
– 2 yrs ago top Canadian Champion was at JO
– last year both Gold and Silver winners and top 3 finishers
– goal this year is to send 5 wrestlers to Canada Games to compete
– no coach at JO (Chris Fuoco used to coach and he is now in Delta)
– Chris did all the grant and bursary application writing – need parent or teacher to help with this
– wrestlers train at Tupper and Surrey in the summer – mats are expensive so are shared or borrowed
– limits of the VSB Gaming Grant and so can only fund secondary school championship

Student Council (J. Simmons – sponsor teacher) – asking for $1,000
– put on events to build school spirit (Halloween Dance, Canned Food Drive, Santa Pictures, Spring Fling Dance, etc.)

Safe Teen – (Don – sponsor teacher) – asking for $2,400
– anti-violence program for Gr. 10’s ($325/class for 2 sessions each)

Robotics Competition – (A. Wong – sponsor teacher) – asking for $2,000
– money for 4 starter kits – robots don’t change from year to year, but playing field does
– develop Gr. 8 and 9’s to compete against themselves
– engineering driven and programming
– VEX IQ – age 16 competition cut-off

Aboriginal Club – (D. Wilmann – sponsor teacher) – asking $700
– 41 Aboriginal students at JO
– bridging with an artist – wants to develop the boards in the hallway over the year
– run meetings and share culture – for non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal students

Boys Club – (D. Wilmann – sponsor teacher) – asking $1,000
– result of recognized need of Filipinos coming to school needing a space to find positive experiences and create social/emotional connections
– Constable Freeman comes every Wed.

  1. School Board/Provincial Government update: (Richard Edge co-PAC liaison w/Sangeeta Kauldher)
    – VSTA – Van. Secondary Teacher’s Association
    – VSB fired 9 elected School Trustees; Min. of Education staff member is in the role probably for next 2 yrs.
    – teachers cannot attend Council meetings so must go to committee meetings
    – A meeting was held at the VSB on October 20 to show support for the fired Trustees
    – DPAC will hold a meeting at the VSB on October 27 at 7 pm – public is welcome to attend
    – the first official Trustee meeting will be held on November 7
    – Principal Pedro de Silva assured parents that teachers at JO are creating a good environment for students.

– Parent Advocacy Network (PAN) – To learn more about what is happening with the school board, please check PAN’s website is
– Any voicemail phone calls to Minister Mike Bernier’s office in the evening will be documented and shared the next day. Please phone (250) 387-1977 with your positive message for a new school to be re-built.

  1. Voting on Funds:
    – Tracey (Treasurer) talked about the Gaming Grant of $20,000 should be used to benefit all JO students.
    – Parents and Executive stayed to vote on distribution of the Gaming Grant.
  1. Mini Bingo Night:
    – Postponed until January, 2017.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday November 16, 2016.

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Important Rally Oct 20 5:30pm b/c Democratic Officials Fired

The John Oliver PAC wants you to be aware of this:

Please join us this Thursday, October 20th at 5:30 p.m. for a rally at the Vancouver School Board 1580 West Broadway South Lawn. In order for us to be united and have a strong voice to say NO to constant under funding, we MUST stand together and be heard!

(*Ironically, this rally was going to be held at the John Oliver gym, and the gym had been booked, but the Vancouver School Board cancelled the rally booking on Wednesday October 19th!)

After the VSB Trustees advised the BC Education Minister of an imminent balanced budget meeting, they were fired!

The VSB Trustees were democratically voted in by the people of Vancouver. After hearing the public’s demands and outcries about potential school closures the Trustees refused to agree with the cuts and closures and were in turn fired by the Province!

– Are you tired of constant underfunding?

– Are you tired of program cuts and closures?

– Are you tired of more work being downloaded?

– Are you tired of year after year uncertainty?

We ALL need to show our support and stand up against this unbelievable move by the Provincial Government.

We are concerned for the future of our families’ livelihoods and well being!

Please attend this important rally!

JO PAC Meeting Wednesday Oct 19 7pm – discussing money allocation

Our most exciting meeting of the year is happening on Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm in the Learning Commons. Students and teachers will be presenting their requests for funding and the PAC (all JO Parents are members and can vote if present!) will start voting on where to spend the gaming grant. If you want a say in what money is spent on at JO, please attend this meeting! Refreshments will be served.

Let us know you’re coming –>



JO PAC Meeting Minutes – September 21, 2016

  1. Attendance – Principal Pedro DaSilva; Anne Montgomery, Chair; Tracey Santos, Treasurer; Ramandeep Minhas and Suzanne Smythe, DPAC Reps, and over 30 parents.
  2. Motion to accept last meeting’s minutes – Karwal and Tracey
  3. Introduction to the PAC by Anne – the main reasons the PAC operates is to support our children’s education and school experience, to fund teacher and student requests, to volunteer at school events, to fundraise as needed, and to create a community of support for families.
  4. Principal’s Talk – This is Pedro’s first year at JO; he was the Principal of the Vancouver Learning Network for a number of years. Tim McGeer, our previous Principal, was sent to University Hill.
  • The school’s goals this year are literacy and numeracy, social responsibility and Aboriginal Education.
  • Current enrolment stands at 1075 students.
  • There are a number of District programs at JO including: the Special Education classes, Take a Hike, International Student program, and the Mini Digital Immersion program.
  • A number of sports have already started: girls’ volleyball, boys’ soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.
  • There are plans to get better communication via social media, the school’s website and regular emails and newsletters. There is a Google app (free from the app store) called ‘JO Agenda’ that can be used to see what is going on in the school, as well as the WAAG emails (Week At A Glance) that are supposed to be sent out to everyone. Some of us haven’t been receiving these emails; if you haven’t, please talk to Teresa Minato or one of the other office staff.
  1. Treasurer’s Talk – we don’t have exact numbers at the moment but we spent all of our gaming grant funds last term and won’t receive the new grant until October.
  • $5,000 is left in the contingency fund, including $3,000 that was generously donated by Bank of Montreal last year.
  • $30,000 to $40,000 remains in the Legacy Fund that was started by alumni at JO’s 100th anniversary celebrations. This money has been earmarked for use in saving the auditorium if the school is torn down in the future.
  • We will be holding a Direct Drive this year to raise funds; an email will be sent soon.
  1. PAC Business:
  • JO was taken off the school closure list, however, there is still an imbalance between the east side and west side of the city in terms of which schools are up for possible closure (more on the east side) and which schools are on the list for a seismic upgrade (more on the west side). Members of the PAC will be looking into what can be done to convince the VSB and Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, to give more support to east side schools.
  • There will be a VSB meeting at Tupper Secondary on Monday, September 26 at 7pm to discuss the possible school closures. The public is welcome to attend.
  • PAN (Parent Advocacy Network) is a great resource for keeping track of what is going on with our schools. Their website is
  • The Mini program will be holding a Bingo Night in November.
  • Our next meeting is on October 19 at 7pm. This is when student groups and teachers present their wish lists for donations and we vote on where we think funds will make the biggest impact. Please join us!

JO PAC meeting September 21 2016 7pm

Welcome back! September is the time for seeing old friends and making new ones, and one of the ways that parents can get in on the action is by joining the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)!
Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 21, in the Learning Commons (the library) at 7pm. There will be refreshments and some really cool people to meet, such as the PAC executive, some very friendly parents, our awesome new Principal, Pedro DaSilva, and quite possibly some teachers.The first meeting is the time where we get to know one another, talk about what we can expect from the upcoming year, ask and answer questions, and hear from Pedro what is happening at John Oliver this term.
The PAC allows parents to get involved and have a say in their children’s school experience. We share concerns, become educated, volunteer at school events, and decide how gaming grant money will be spent within the school. Everyone is welcome to join so if you want to know what’s going on at John Oliver, please come to our PAC meetings or sign up for the PAC’s emails so you can stay informed.
Feel free to connect with us via the JO Facebook page: and/or our Event on this meeting – 

John Oliver PAC Executive 2016/2017

We’re pleased to announce the PAC Executive for 2016/2017:

Anne Montgomery – Chair (

Tracey Santos – Treasurer

Jo-Ann Gordon – Secretary

Suzanne Smythe and Ramandeep Minhas – DPAC reps

Lara Spence – Social Media/Website

Please contact us with questions, concerns, or ideas!

All parents of John Oliver students are members of PAC! We thank the many of you who come to our meetings, volunteer (contact us if you want to help with fundraising, events, etc.!), and act as ambassadors/cheerleaders for John Oliver kids, the school, and our community.

JO PAC Meeting – May 25, 2016

JO PAC Meeting – May 25, 2016

Present:  Anne Montgomery – PAC Chair, Tracey Santos – Treasurer, Ramandeep Kaurminhas and Suzanne Smythe – Co-DPAC Reps., Jo-Ann Gordon – Secretary, Paul Thandi (Moberley PAC Chair), Tim McGeer – Principal, and 10 parents

The meeting began at 7:00 p.m.

  1. PAC Elections:

Co-Chair – needed for next year as it will be Anne’s last year at John Oliver

Treasurer – Tracey

Secretary – Jo-Ann

DPAC – Suzanne and Ramandeep

In September there will be a re-structuring to share Chair duties – including teacher liaison, student liaison, email distribution, etc.

  1. Principal’s Announcements: Tim McGeer

New Principal for September 2016 – Tim is being transferred to UHill and Pedro de Silva (currently VLN Principal) will be replacing him.

Dry Grad – happened Wed. May 25 with a Mystery Bus Tour, followed by fun event in gym.

Graduation – June 7th – Chan Centre

5 PAC Scholarships (2 for Mini Students; 1 i/n/o Thomas Harapnuick – past VP) – to be presented by Anne and Ramandeep.

Sr. Girls Softball – won Provincial Championship

Subject Awards Evening – Tues. May 31st – family and students welcome to attend.

Music Concert – June 9th concert with Alumni – tickets are $2.

  1. Update on John Oliver Secondary School – closure or seismic upgrade:

Anne and Suzanne will speak at the June 15th Long Range Facilities meeting on behalf of PAC.

Intention is to have John Oliver back on list for seismic upgrade; to build a right-size new school and use the old building as swing space for other schools.

June 20th – school closure list will be announced.

Henriquez architects have drawn up plans for new John Oliver school (under capacity) to be built along 43 Avenue. Mentioned that the plans should be made public to parents, with “Envision the Future” as slogan.

Any voicemail phone calls to Minister Mike Bernier’s office in the evening will be documented and shared the next day. Please phone (250) 387-1977 with your positive message for a new school to be re-built.

  1. Amateur Radio Club:

Have given John Oliver an HF Unit = emergency radio communication HUB. JO was chosen for its location.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. with the next PAC meeting to be held in September 2016.

To stay in touch and help learn about/share the happenings at John Oliver, please:

‘like’ the John Oliver Facebook page ( ), the Twitter feed (, or (if in Mini) ask to join the Mini School parents FB (

You can also check in on the John Oliver PAC blog (

Have a good summer.