September 23 2015 – First Meeting of the Year

Welcome back!
Our first PAC meeting will be on September 23, 2015 at 7pm in the Learning Commons (in the main hallway). Please join us to talk about the coming year – fundraising opportunities, teacher and student wish lists, and hopefully the election of a Co-Chair and Secretary. Refreshments will be served.
If you have any questions or wish to add something to the agenda, please contact the PAC Chair, Anne Montgomery, at
Hope to see many new families at the meeting!

Minutes PAC meeting March 15 2015

John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2015, 5:45pm

This was a short meeting with the Executive and Tim McGeer, as we had a special workshop that evening: How To Motivate Your Teen with Luba

1. Principal’s Report

  • 2 benches have been ordered from the VSB for outside the gym doors
  • the New Curriculum will begin in 2016 – it will be child-centered and inter-disciplinary . with a core foundation in literacy and numeracy
  • so far there are 8 planning days per school year, next year they will be expanded to 10 to allow teachers to collaborate and accommodate the new curriculum. Alternate learning experiences will be available for the students
  • there may be a 3 tier grade 8 with regard to literacy so students would be grouped according to what level they read at

2. PAC Report

Funding Wish Lists

  • Tech Crew- asking for $150 for a new intercom system – granted
  • Trash Talkers – asking for $800 for various projects – denied as we just gave them money for the water filling station
  • Mini School – asking upwards of $1000 for new tents – granted
  • Wrestling – asking $    to help with registration for further competitions – will check out the exact fee needed before granting any money *
  • Destination Imagination – asking $    for the next competition – granted *

* the exact amount asked for will be listed next meeting

The workshop How To Motivate Your Teen was successful with a number of parents attending from John Oliver and Tupper.

The next PAC meeting will be on April 7 at 7pm in the Learning Commons

JO PAC Executive 2014/2015

For your info, here are the names of the Executive for John Oliver Secondary School Parents Advisory Council for 2014/2015:

PAC Chair: Anne Montgomery (
Co-Chair: Tony Mark
Past Chair: Farrell Segall
Treasurer: Tracey Santos
DPAC Representative: Paula Singh
Community Liason: Sophie Petric
Webmaster: Thomas Fairbrother