Nov 21 2012 PAC Meeting

The November meeting of the John Oliver Secondary Parents Advisory Committee for will take place on Wednesday 21st November at 7:00pm in the School Learning Commons.

At the meeting we shall receive reports from our Students who have been busy with several Charity and Community activities.

 We shall receive feedback about these as well as discuss the plans for allocation of our Annual Gaming Revenue Grant and the 100th Anniversary Funds

Last month we practised the annual emergency drill just a week before the Haida Gwaii earthquake – we shall be hearing an update on the planned school seismic upgrading and issue a suggested emergency plan and kit which each family should prepare for themselves

Details and information and sign-up sheets for the upcoming SACY parent events on 29th November and 6th December

In the last week of November the school hosts the JO Classic Tournament and some parent info will be presented too.

We look forward to your attendance and support on Wednesday 21st November at 7:00pm

October 17 2012 PAC Meeting

Calling All Parents

Your School PAC needs all the support we can get .
All parents are invited to participate and learn about the activities planned for this year.
If you have a few hours a month to spare – why not volunteer to assist with a task as a PAC committee member.

This month, we shall receive feedback about the student driven fundraisers that have already taken place, the successful 100th Anniversary event and the mini-schools cycling trip to Galiano Island.

Our students will also be making presentations on their upcoming solidarity project for educating girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan after the recent attack on Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old girl who was shot by the Taliban after her determination to receive an education for herself and other girls in the country.

We shall be electing a small group of parents to liaise with the Teachers and Administration on the School Planning Council.

The new documentary movie “J O by the Numbers” made for the 100th anniversary  will be shown at the end of the meeting.

We look forward to your attendance and support over the next year.

For more information go to the school website for contact information of the PAC representatives.

If you cannot attend but want more info about the JO Parent Committee please feel free to contact the Chairman – Farrell Segall at 604 837 2371


John Oliver 100 Year Anniversary Event – FB Group

100th Anniversary – Good news!

The upcoming event is only 200 days away and we have started getting the word out.

Our new Facebook group page is here: John-Oliver-100th-Anniversary

If you want to get in touch with us by eMail do so here:

If you have photos, memorabilia, newspaper cuttings or other items from the past, let us know.

Spread the word to any alumni that you may know or who would be interested to meetup with their classmates at our events planned for 21st and 22nd September 2012.


A recent photo of Dave Bruce (Grad. 1967)
by the Centennial Dogwood Tree on 41st Avenue