PK Rogue – PechaKucha Event – 2015

A Full House in the JO Learning Commons – What a great event with such amazing speakers.

The topics presented were inspiring and informative and show the true diversity amongst the people behind the scenes in our Vancouver community.

Event Architect: Olivia Fermi MA ABS, ConResCert.
Amy Kiara Ruth, BSc (Kin, Ed)
Farrell Segall, BEng, Elect Eng
Robin Clark, BScF, RPF
Linda Solomon
Dethe Elza
Lindsay Brown, BFA, MA (Comm)
Walter V Cicha, PhD
Brian Callahan, MBA, MDiv

If you missed this – watch our website for the next interesting talk / presentation.

Thanks too to all those who donated money by the purchase of refreshments from the Eyes of Hope Student Club who will turn these funds into gift packages to many needy families in the community.
Above all thanks to the support of teachers and parents that assisted in the planning and the volunteers that managed the registration and event organizing.

September 2013 – John Oliver PAC Preview

2013 got off to an exciting start with an amazing 100th year reunion event that brought close to 1000 past students, celebrities, and the local community back together in the true spirit of John Oliver.

A large amount of funds were raised during this event that will benefit current and future students for years to come. Out of these funds, the PAC created a new $500 100th Anniversary Legacy Scholarship which was awarded for the first time at this year’s Grad ceremony.

The Digital Immersion Mini School held its first Bingo fundraiser in the spring, raising money to help families in need cover the cost of field trips.

A number of John Oliver clubs received funding from the PAC this year, and an improved application and budgeting process is now available.

The 2013/14 Year Ahead

Due to the VSB’s budgetary shortfall, the building known as The Barn will be closed in September. The Digital Immersion Mini School will be moved into the main school building.

Since the government continues to cut away at funding education; additional fees will need to be raised to ensure that every student is able to participate in field trips, local and Provincial sports events, arts, and drama events. School classroom materials, access to technological resources and many other basic school needs will only be possible by creative fundraising at the school level.

In the forthcoming year, the Parent Advisory Committee will be operating with a new team of enthusiastic members. Remember that ALL parents are invited to participate and contribute toward the programs delivered at John Oliver.

Welcome to the NEW PAC officers

2013/4 Co-Chairs: Farrell Segall, Anne Montgomery, Jo-Ann Melman, Tony Mark

Treasurer: Llane Valera

DPAC Representative: Paula Singh

Mini School Rep: Anne Montgomery

Fundraising: Anne Perri / Shelley Wong

Community Liaison: Sophie Petric

2013/2014 – School Planning Council Representatives: F. Segall; A. Montgomery; F. Jung

Watch the school calendar for dates of upcoming meetings and events. We hope to see many new faces at our meetings this year!

Upcoming PAC Meetings – Mark your calendars NOW!

This coming Year – ALL Wednesday evenings @ 7:00 – Meeting starts at 7:30
18th September – Intro to Grade 8 Parents – Simultaneous Grade 8 Dance eve.
2013 – 9th October 13th November 11th December
2014 – 15th January 12th February 9th April 14th May (AGM)

Farrell Segall

2013/14 JO PAC Co-chair.