November 18 2015 John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes

NOTE: The next PAC meeting will be on Wednesday, January 20th at 7pm in the Learning Commons. The agenda will feature the Principal’s talk, further discussion on teacher and student wish lists and an update on fundraising.


JO PAC Meeting – November 18, 2015

Present:      Anne Montgomery – PAC Chair, Tracey Santos – Treasurer, Tim McGeer – Principal,

                         18 parents

The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with the minutes being accepted from last month.

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House:

Valerie spoke about a Heart-Mind Leadership Team that came out of the Dali Lama’s visit to JO last year. With about 20 JO students the Team went into two neighbouring elementary schools to run a program promoting peace and education. This year they are wanting to put a physical literacy spin on the program, facilitating soccer/field hockey for 6-8 weeks in elementary schools in the area one day a week after school. Training sessions with professional athletes to learn how to coach soccer/field hockey will begin December 21st. The SVNH is inviting Gr. 9-11 JO students to join the program and develop their coaching and leadership skills. A letter and business card were left for any interested to be in touch with Valerie at or 604-324-6212

Principal’s Announcements: Tim McGeer

Soccer – first time in 40 years that the Sr. Boys Soccer Team is in the Provincials! It’s something that they’re playing at this level.

New Staff – Amy Liu (ELI Teacher) and Michelle Nielsen (Skills Centre) have joined John Oliver.

STEM Program – Gr. 9’s are involved in this program which has an engineering focus. Hoping to expand it to Gr. 10 and 11 next year.

Mini-Medical School – JO is in partnership with UBC and Children’s Hospital (Dr. Tim Overlander, neurologist). JO students have an opportunity to go to the hospital and learn about being part of a medical team. Currently 4 grade 12 students are involved.

New Curriculum – provincial government has added to more ProD days in the Spring (dates TBA) for teachers to better understand the new curriculum and how to roll it out next September 2016. It is moving away from content to competency-based curriculum, focusing on how one learns. It will involve inter-disciplinary work with literacy and numeracy at the base. Teachers will be more autonomous and given freedom to innovate and be creative in teaching the curriculum. Hoping to spark innovation and give students skills to survive in the fast-changing world. BC is the first province to be legislated to implement K-Gr. 9 in September 2016 with Gr. 10-12 in 2017. Provincial exams will be replaced by competency exams. Universities are onboard. Questions around how do we assess it and how do we support it for teachers are unknown. Realistically it will take a number of years to unfold.

Gr. 12 Breakfast – Tuesday December 1

Winter Concert – Tuesday December 1 (7:00 – 9:00 pm) $2 donation

Holiday music by the choir, band and drum line. A fun night.

Gr. 6/7 Parent Information Night – Thursday December 3

Gr. 8 Breakfast – Tuesday December 8

Van Horne – Wednesday December 16 (during periods 3&4) whole school coming to JO for a concert

Parent Teacher Meetings – Thursday December 10 (3:00 – 5:00 and 6:30 – 8:30 pm)

New Meal Program – kids from JO are making meals for kids on the South East side, as part of the cafeteria program. There was an article in 24 Hours about this program.

PAC Funding Requests:

Don Jabillo (JO Teacher), Sr. Boys Basketball Coach made a request for 2 sets of new uniforms for the Jr. and Sr. Boys, replacing the existing 8 year-old ones, at a cost of $8,000. Tracey mentioned perhaps finding a corporate sponsor for a one-time donation (Lions or Rotary Club).

Band has requested the purchase of 40 personal recording devices instead of the cello. 40 @ $50 each = $2,000. It was mentioned perhaps buying 4 or 5 to be shared amongst students coming for private sessions.

Eyes of Hope – private donor has given a cheque to cover the hampers.

Photography – lens would be insured for theft under the VSB; looking to see about purchasing a cheaper second-hand one.

Goal is to give more to the Athletics this year. Will wait to see how the fundraising campaigns go before disbursing more funds.

Direct Drive Fundraising:

Requests going out next week via email (through Secretaries) and alumni (400 are being asked) ,and paper copies for those without emails.

Shop Funds Fundraising:

Forms were distributed last week. Deadline is Wednesday November 25, with completed forms and cheque (payable to John Oliver PAC) dropped off at the office. Cards will be available for pick up from the office the first week of December.

Bank of Montreal: 48th & Fraser Branch

John Oliver Secondary School was approached by Anupam Jindal, the Manager of the Bank of Montreal at 48th and Fraser to see about generating some business for the bank and to give money away. The Assistant Branch Manager, Kulsum Husain suggested John Oliver because she is alumni.

John Oliver students are invited to open a chequing/savings account (including on-line banking) and they will receive $50; the PAC will also receive $50. There are no service fees and the only catch is parents must deposit $25/month for 3 months to ensure accounts aren’t opened and immediately closed. If 350 students open an account, PAC will receive $17,500! It is a huge incentive for the school to generate much needed funds. An email will be sent to the parents letting them know when the John Oliver BMO program is ready to go and what information will be needed so the accounts will be tracked.


This Mini School fundraiser has been postponed to the Spring so that parents can support current fundraisers.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tracey reported that 3 cheques have been written for the benches (promised last year), Drama’s rolling racks and Grad 12 (Dry Grad and Breakfast).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm. with the next meeting to be held on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 7:00 pm in the Library, and then on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

October 21 2015 John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Tim McGeer, Anne Montgomery, Tracey Santos, Ramandeep Minhas, Florida Balboa, Chun Su, Manjinder Deol, Norma Vallejos, Eugenia Marquez, Evangeline Faulve, Jo-Ann Gordon, Jill Jukes, Kanwal Deol, Naresh Sonefi, Parveen Joshi, Quan La, Claudia Luna

  1. Student and Teacher Wish Lists:

  1. a) Eyes of Hope – looking for $300 for their Christmas Hampers

– we have asked that they give us a list of items that they need and we will see if we can

donate or purchase the items at better prices

  1. b) Grad Committee – asked for money towards the grad breakfast and dry grad

– we gave them $2500 and are waiting for more information on the cost of the grad

breakfast from Tim

  1. c) Math and Science Tutor Club – asked for money for t-shirts to identify them on

outreaches and in class

– Jo-Ann Gordon to look into getting a better price for t-shirts and then we’ll decide

how much to give them

  1. d) Photography Club – looking for over $2000 for a lens so the club can take better


– at this point we can’t offer that amount of money. The club will look at trying to find

a less expensive lens

  1. e) Band – asking for money for a new tuba

– since we gave them so much money last year, we can’t give them any money at

this point until we see how much money is raised with our fundraisers

  1. f) Drama Department – asked for money to purchase new racks and a steamer

– we gave them $320 toward the clothing racks

The other areas looking for funding are:

– uniforms

– weight room equipment

– an honorarium for the carver that has created a totem pole for the school

– snacks for after school programs

– money for the grade 8/12 event

  1. Principal’s Talk:

– we had greater enrollment than expected so were able to post 3 more positions

– students are enthusiastic and excited about the upcoming election and the majority have voted liberal

– a Danish swing band performed at the school

– the grade 8/12 night was very successful

– there will be a totem pole raised in the Learning Commons after Christmas

– for Aboriginal Education Day, younger students will come in to be taught by students

– both the Mini School and Take a Hike have had successful field trips so far

– there is a Halloween Dance on October 28

– Reel to Reel will be shown again at the school (Canadian films)

– the benches that we ordered last year were installed by the back door

– Tim is looking into an offer by the Bank of Montreal to give money to the school if students open accounts there

  1. Further PAC Business:

– there will be a Bingo fundraising event on November 26 at 7pm, for the Mini School to raise funds for students who have financial difficulties

– the next meeting will be on November 18 at 7pm in the Learning Commons

– meeting adjourned at 9pm

September 23 2015 John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes

John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes – September 23, 2015

  1. Introduction – this was the biggest turnout in 3 years! Thank you to all of the new parents who came. In Attendance: Anne Montgomery, Chair, Tracey Santos, Treasurer, Tony Marks, Farrell Segall, Tim McGeer, Principal, Pat Lee, teacher, Rosita Analdo, Luminada Sagun, Ramandeep Minhas, Sylvia Alog, Madelyn Turqueza, Lourdes Guilleva, Christopher Abluyon, Marlon Narag, Walter Ngedayan, Florence Dupale, Edith Arner, Marites Pizarra, Jo-Ann Gordon, Sheril Gelmon, Parveen Joshi, Lara Spence, Joan Valladares, Regina Jelani, Harbans Hundal, Zaida Derigay, Virginia Peralta, Gilbert Gascon, Mohammad Abdus, Samad Chowdhury, Gregorio Campos, Marissz Pamintuan, Kanwaljeet Ahluwalia, Emmylou Yambao, Claudia Luna, Suzanne Smythe
  1. Principal’s Talk – Tim gave a general introduction to John Oliver for the new parents
  • The school’s population is up – many new students registered over the summer and some who were going to leave decided to stay
  • We have a reputation for educating the heart and mind, and Tim mentioned the story in the Courier about the kids who left a private school on the west side to attend JO
  • On September 29, there is a grade 8 parent night where parents will learn more about helping their child transition to high school
  • On October 7, the grade 12’s welcome the grade 8 students during the evening
  • This year’s school goals are: continuing the education of heart and mind, social and emotional learning (which is part of the new curriculum), self-awareness and compassion, literacy, and Aboriginal education
  • The policy in place is “Honour your Education” – trying to get students and parents to value education more by raising the Honour Roll, encouraging parents not to take their children on extended vacations, and teachers are providing encouragement for students to achieve
  • There will be more information on the new curriculum posted soon
  • 2 students are going to attend mini medical school at Children’s Hospital
  • There will be a trip to Europe during March Break for grade’s 10 and 12
  • The bench that we’d ordered and paid for last year for the west side of the building has not been built. The frame has been ordered and hopefully it will be put in place within a month
  1. Parents were asked if a time change for meetings was required but everyone is happy with 7pm
  1. Fundraising – we haven’t done much fundraising at JO except for the Mini School bingo event (which will be held again this November, details to follow later), but we’d like to raise at least $20,000 for sports programs this year
  • Direct Drive – we will send a letter home with every student (along with email and synervoice messages) asking for a donation – these can also be passed on to family, neighbours and friends

– alumni will also be approached

  • Pat Lee, teacher, also suggested Shop Funds, gift cards that can be purchased at no extra cost to us. JO will receive a percentage of the money spent at sponsoring retailers
  • Pat is also selling Joker socks as a fundraiser; the company that supplies them supports a charity in kind
  • Vancity gave us $450 – Tracey to look into approaching other banks to donate
  • Tim will give us more information on Bank of Montreal’s offer – open a new student account with $50, and BMO will donate $50 to the student and $50 to JO, up to $2,000
  • Anne will look into holding a Scholastic Book Fair – there is some worry that teenagers won’t buy books (they read on their phones or computers) but a parent suggested that grade 8’s will enjoy it and we can invite the feeder elementary schools to attend
  1. Sea Cadets held it’s registration evening but parents are welcome to get information and register their children if they are interested
  1. UBC Engineering is holding 2 events – on October 17, grade 9 girls are invited to “Engineering Exporations” to learn more about engineering, and on November 28, ther will be an open house, “Geering up High After School Clubs”. For more information check out or
  1. Ramandeep Minhas volunteered to take minutes next month, Claudia Luna will be our DPAC Representative, and Suzanne Smythe has volunteered to be Co-Chair. A number of parents also expressed interest in helping if needed. Thank you!
  1. A good question was raised – is the PAC just about fundraising? No, definitely not! We hold events during the year – parent education nights, student activities, liason with other schools, provide input in many school areas, and decide where the gaming grant money goes
  1. The next meeting will be on October 21 at 7pm and we will see presentations by students and teachers requesting grant money

Our apologies if name’s are spelled incorrectly; it’s hard to read everyone’s writing on the attendance sheet.

September 23 2015 – First Meeting of the Year

Welcome back!
Our first PAC meeting will be on September 23, 2015 at 7pm in the Learning Commons (in the main hallway). Please join us to talk about the coming year – fundraising opportunities, teacher and student wish lists, and hopefully the election of a Co-Chair and Secretary. Refreshments will be served.
If you have any questions or wish to add something to the agenda, please contact the PAC Chair, Anne Montgomery, at
Hope to see many new families at the meeting!

Minutes PAC meeting March 15 2015

John Oliver PAC Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2015, 5:45pm

This was a short meeting with the Executive and Tim McGeer, as we had a special workshop that evening: How To Motivate Your Teen with Luba

1. Principal’s Report

  • 2 benches have been ordered from the VSB for outside the gym doors
  • the New Curriculum will begin in 2016 – it will be child-centered and inter-disciplinary . with a core foundation in literacy and numeracy
  • so far there are 8 planning days per school year, next year they will be expanded to 10 to allow teachers to collaborate and accommodate the new curriculum. Alternate learning experiences will be available for the students
  • there may be a 3 tier grade 8 with regard to literacy so students would be grouped according to what level they read at

2. PAC Report

Funding Wish Lists

  • Tech Crew- asking for $150 for a new intercom system – granted
  • Trash Talkers – asking for $800 for various projects – denied as we just gave them money for the water filling station
  • Mini School – asking upwards of $1000 for new tents – granted
  • Wrestling – asking $    to help with registration for further competitions – will check out the exact fee needed before granting any money *
  • Destination Imagination – asking $    for the next competition – granted *

* the exact amount asked for will be listed next meeting

The workshop How To Motivate Your Teen was successful with a number of parents attending from John Oliver and Tupper.

The next PAC meeting will be on April 7 at 7pm in the Learning Commons