It’s a sweet season!

Holiday cookies and gingerbread houses! Lots of baking, icing and candy! Tis the season!

Thank you to Quality Moving Management (QMM) who came in on Thursday December 8th to decorate cookies with our primary classes!

A very organized table set up . . .

Turned into busy little decorators.

And everyone walked away with a few beautifully decked out cookies! Thanks for the hot chocolate and so much fun QMM elves!!

On Monday December 12th, our lunchroom turned into a gingerbread house making factory for both our intermediate and primary students. Thanks to our wonder volunteer Sue and all of her helpers from North Vancouver for bringing such an organized and sugar filled event into our day! So much fun!

It all started out like this . . .

Soon with icing and candy it began to look something like  . . .

Everyone was focussed on decorating (and a little bit of focus on licking fingers!)

And then back to the classrooms went rows of gingerbread houses! Wow!

Now what you won’t believe from these pictures is that a lot of candy ended up in little mouths. Seriously, there was that much candy! One on the rooftop, one in my mouth, one on the rooftop . . . Well, who could resist?

Lots of  joy!


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