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More coverage, more support and updates

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Support has continued to pour into our school from around the city and around the province. Thank you!!! We are still doing our best to contact everyone who has called us, emailed or sent us letters. Where possible we are connecting donors with other schools and are thrilled to help reach as many children and families across the city as possible.

Many people have been asking to see more of the media coverage on our story. CBC coverage has landed us on the National. Watch more CBC coverage here. Listen to this CBC Radio podcast with Carrie on the Early Edition here.

CTV News reporter Shannon Paterson also covered our story. Watch here.

Global News reporters also visited us at school. See that news coverage here.

We are also working on a “Wish List” as requested by many people who have contacted us. Hopefully this will be on our school blog this weekend.

You can continue to support Seymour School by voting for us in the Aviva Community fund. Follow this link here.

Thank you!!