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People are talking! And blogging!

Monday, October 10th, 2011

We are so excited to see that so many people are discussing our story on different blogs around the province. Individuals and communities have stepped up to think about and act in ways that will impact students and families in the inner city. Thank you!

image via Intro to Information Technology Blog

This blog is a great resource for information on our story, created by Mr. M, a SSW at our school.

This blog outlines a plan to provide more support from school community to school community. Wow!

A teacher in Victoria reacts on her blog to Carrie Gelson’s original letter.

This blog  50 Good Deeds talks about our story and about the kindness of the bigger community.

This blog post called Stepping Up reminds us all that we need a community.

The Kids Literacy Blog wrote this post called The power of one (plus one plus one . . . ) about an important donation to Seymour.

This blog reminds us of the power of blogging.

Thank you to all of these bloggers who decided to share this story and keep the discussion going.

And a huge thank you to our blogging community of educators that posted the original letter as soon as they received it:  See the posts and comments on Renovating my ClassroomPancakes for Recess, Strathcona Library Blog and Bright Lights.