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VPL Panel Contact Information

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Please see contact information below to contact panel members for further questions and discussion.

You can also leave a comment on this blog.

Thank you to Andy Fiore for filming the event. We will put up information about how to see the video of the evening as it becomes available.

We are very grateful to the Vancouver Public Library for allowing us to have the space to host this forum.

Read about the discussion in the Vancouver Sun here. Carrie Gelson speaks to CBC’s Stephen Quinn just before the evening panel. Listen here

Thank you to everyone in the audience for their comments, passion and promises of advocacy.

In the audience, Trish Garner from the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition spoke about a poverty reduction plan for BC.  Read more here.

Panel Speakers in speaking order:

Carrie Gelson Seymour Elementary Teacher

Paul Hutton Community Services Manager (Vancouver North) MCFD

Margaret Jorgensen Principal Strathcona and Seymour Elementary

Janey Lee Thunderbird Elementary Teacher

Dr. Mona Gleason Associate Professor in Educational Studies UBC

Scott Vandeloo Youth and Family Worker Macdonald Elementary

Kate Hodgson Executive Director Network of Inner City Community Services

Dr. Christine Loock Developmental Pediatrician at VCHA with the RICHER Initiative Secretary Val Liao can be reached at

Mark Proctor Retired Principal VSB

Please note that Kate Hodgson joined our panel in Dr. Christine Loock’s absence.