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Donor Generosity has helped us share beyond our community!

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Today was a lovely day!  Thanks to generous donors, clothing donations of new and gently used items have been flowing into our school! We have most of our kids outfitted for the current season and have stored some items for needs that arise later this year or into next fall. In the last two days we have had staff from nearby schools come and pick up boxes of clothing and footwear to use at their schools. Thank you to the donors that asked us to pass on donations that we couldn’t use and also to the staff and volunteers who have helped us sort through all of the donated items! We  were able to pass on a variety of items, all boxed and organized to Queen Alexandra, Macdonald (read this lovely story here) , Hastings, Grandview and Britannia. We also have a wonderful selection of rain jackets, rain boots and gently used clothing for the preschool children that will begin attending Strong Start this Spring.

The picture below was taken in the early days of sorting the donations, getting ready to distribute to our Seymour students.

Teacher Carrie Gelson stands in the middle of donated items

The generosity continues for Seymour students!

Today a student that attended Seymour ten years ago for just 3 weeks while waiting for placement at his neighbourhood school came to Seymour with his Mom and younger sister. Alex, Esmeralda and Mom Beatrix dropped off donations collected from friends and from the community of  Holy Cross Elementary in Burnaby for some of our intermediate students. We snapped a picture outside the door of the classroom where Alex was a Grade 3 student of Ms. Gelson’s in 2001. Esmeralda came along each day in a baby carrier with Mom Beatrix. The family remembered Seymour as a very special place and they wanted to help out with items on our Wish List. Beatrix also dropped off some wonderful home baked cookies that Division 5 enjoyed during our play time this afternoon.

Alex, Ms. Gelson, Beatrix and Esmeralda